Digital Harassment Crossing the Limits!

From the last 20 years, more harassment, violence, anger, impatience, rape cases, influence of tobacco, alcohol and drugs has been reported in news. Very well known words harassment and eve-teasing are the biggest challenge for any women living in the world. But the question is from where these things came into our society and coming with new style.

Today media and of course showbiz industries are very independent. The entertainment adds excitement and thrill to our life. It is all about grabbing the attention and interest of the audience. This combination takes advantage and plant seeds in a young mind with influence. There are 2 major entertainment industries that claim they are producing many movies for entertainment, Bollywood, and Hollywood. Most of the time their story captures our mind directly or sometimes indirectly hits value system.

On the name of entertainment they are showing very bold and broad picture of the world. We all have grown up watching Bollywood movies and songs where eve-teasing is very common and a form of romance. They are making more than 1500 movies per year. It’s not unusual to see scantily clad women performing in sensual dance numbers to create an excitement in the audience that is actually causing hormonal changes and mental disturbance, increasing harassment as well. The glamorous and adventures component of the movies is dancing around the trees, clubs, being kidnapped, being rapped and being killed. Very popular Indian movies often also normalize acts of sexual violence against women. An assistant director Swati Tandon clearly admitted in an interview “we do not have a lot of women writers. That’s why all the characters are being written by men. And this is the reason they are very stereotypical.”

Mostly writer’s show a problematic woman that she waits for a hero to came into her life solves the all problems. And the whole story runs around a heroine climax, adventures, actions, fun all are related to women. Today in movies entertainment actually means harasses and harasses a girl until a boy finally gets the girl. Having a girlfriend and boyfriend is necessary in youngsters mind. And they are ignoring even our religious and cultural aspects.

Where Bollywood movies playing their role to destroy the whole South Asia, the world of dreams and fantasy we all know very well Hollywood industry that speedily taking over our new generations mind. The entertainment which they are introducing massively destroying spiritual values. Our young girls especially children are fascinated by many fictional characters like Rapunzel, who spend 19 years in a tower just a piece of cake for her. Jasmine who was agree to married a thief guy who lied her whole the time. Arial, who entirely change herself just to fit in a boy’s world, Cinderella just danced for couple of hours in a party she fall in love and decided to spend the whole life with him. Batman, superman, Spiderman, iron man, wonder woman, cat woman, bat girl are the characters the industry using for entertainment to rob the next generation’s fundamental value period and moral values.

There is a big question mark on Pakistani film industry too. Is Lollywood industry making new conceptual movies or promoting the same Bollywood style with adding item songs?

Unfortunately yes, they are showing it bold and crossing their limits to letting the Bollywood behind in the cinema. These industries shows mostly women are the subject of a man’s sexual attraction, only white color, smart and tall girls get better opportunities. Many writers and directors claim that dramas and film stories mostly based on true stories and showing the reality, not every time. Real life seems very dull and different comparison to the reality created in the entertainment realm.

This phenomenon is very common that showbiz industry shows what people want to see? The nudity, vulgarity and such disturbing things, and the things which are exploiting our belief system really we people want to see? And is this really entertaining us and our generation?

People are fascinated by the glamorous world shown by the media, for getting cheap fame they are adding dangerous adventures for fun and sadly losing their lives. Life is full of responsibilities not a fantasy world.  Our body language, way of thinking, style of speaking, behavior with opposite gender are stolen by the entertainment industries. Our life style totally based on what we see all the day and night on internet on the name of entertainment. In fact the characters who entertain us also face various kind of depression. The glamour which inspires us actually creates problems for them too.

Some people are seriously involved in criminal cases they make plans of robbing and intentionally physically abuse women just to creating thrill or adventure whatever you call. We always say have a check to your children what they are watching and getting inspired but ever we checked adults what they are doing and watching? Today a panic and disturbed situation has been created by some wolves in our country. Everyone is afraid nobody is safe a dipper changing baby girl or boy, an adult, a mother, I and you. Because the filth which is injecting on the name of entertainment in our veins massively increasing harassment and rape cases. So who will stop this? And when the clouds of fear will disappear? Of course when we as a nation will stand together not for others for ourselves because it’s not about that you are not safe it’s a simple understanding I am not safe. And when you realize my wife, my sister, my daughter, my son, my brother is not safe. Remember it’s all starts from Entertainment and goes beyond the limits.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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