Why rape is still ignored by society?Tomorrow is too late…stand up for woman today

Raped…Raped…Raped..this is what we hear every day…Every day a new face. A new victim……Recent cases of reported rapes of young girls as well as little kids have brought the whole country to boil. It is an alarming situation for Pakistan where hundreds of girls have abusive sexual experiences and unfortunately no serious action is taken for these poor victims. According to a recent survey, only 8 out of 100 reported rapists are convicted or punished and the other 92 go for..

“If a man rapes a woman, it is not violence towards her body, but an act of violence against a female identity”
From kainat to Shazia, Sakina to Farwa, Zainab to Jannat and now a mother,and a series of names who are killed by our Islamic society. Meanwhile, parliament is busy fighting, the opposition is busy in cracking the jokes on other political parties and our public is busy to criticize the govt. Why not discuss core values? why not take any serious action against the horrifying act of rape? why girls are not protected in this country? These are the question to think about. But Alas! we hear these heartbreaking incident, post on social websites, come on roads, do protest, but no one thinks how can we save our girls from this shameful act. It is not only the responsibility of a girl’s parents, but It is also everyone’s duty to save our daughters as well as others. Rape will be stopped if men stop raping..men will stop raping if they are convicted, exposed and punished.

“Teach your son not to rape then you won’t have to teach your daughter to be afraid”

In our society girls are monitored and pressurized to stay at home or to get back early but boys are rarely asked about anything. We don’t need to learn our sons not to rape?? Do you think only a girl’s mother should be careful about girls ?? But no mother believe that their sons are involved in rape or any other crime

“was it really my fault”??

asked the short skirt

“No, its also happened to me”

replied the Burka

“Quit blaming the rape victims, its no one fault besides the rapists, no matter what the victim was wearing ..Rape is a horrible thing and no one asks for it”
There is a common assumption that women’s dress is an open invitation for men to rape her. But Just think a burqa girl is never raped? What about little kids who have been raped even they have no proper size and shape? The women bare body is not a piece of meat for you to fulfill your lusty desires…They wear a short dresses not to crave you but they have the right to wear whatever they want to wear..This is only a myth to hide their own shameful act.

“Our kids can be precious, wonderful and lovely and they can still be capable of doing stupid, awful, ignorant and even violent things”

What kind of world are we living in? The woman is treated as an object and being raped in school, religious places and people who we never could imagine.No reason whatsoever can justify rape. Children should be taught at an early age about sexuality. Authorities must take this horrific act seriously by investigating and prosecuting ..This can be only done if we raise our voice against the rapists..and support our daughter if she has become the victim…Don’t leave her alone…

Women are weak and fragile while men are strong and independent, this has been a common concept from the ancient times to the modern era. On a daily basis we hear about women being attacked, women being raped, beaten and murdered. Every day they are facing issues like molesting, stalking and harassment because people think they are too weak to protect own self. To cope with all kinds of challenges every woman must be trained and it becomes of utmost importance in today’s society where we are living in. They should aware of strategies which they can adopt during adverse situation. They can be sexually assaulted and harassed anywhere, anytime. It maybe happens in the midnight or broader daylight. It can happen in dark streets or also while staying at home. So girls should be prepared to handle this situation if someone is trying to trap her.

Listen to the cry of victims, listen to their screams, listen to their desires…save our women..be a real man…
Girls should learn to speak about rape. Don’t feel guilty girls, don’t forget you are the most beautiful and sacred creature of this universe. You give birth to us.. you are the reason we come to this world…You are a sister of someone .somewhere wife, somewhere mother. God has blessed you with soulful relations…Believe there is nothing without you…

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