The White Saviors of the World!

Predicated upon a trifecta of economic, military and diplomatic overreach is a continuation of the Western historiography in the present day. A historiography that was written upon the predatory subjugation of peoples of the so called “Orient” and this predation on the colonized bodies of the brown and black populace of the world continues unabated to this day. These brown and black peoples of the world  these subalterns should be submissive should accept all that comes their way meanwhile they will keep getting trounced by offerings upon offerings of white saviors  the latest example of which is Greta Thunberg. It doesn’t matter how much activism people of color do in order to mitigate effects of climate change the world will only pay attention when a white girl seeks limelight over this issue and she isn’t going to confront neo imperialism and its harmful environmental consequences .

Since the bodies of the colonized population are objectified and deprived of agency as autonomous subjects not just when it comes to environmental concerns but  in other arenas we well, it’s no surprise that the video leaked by WikiLeaks in 2010 which showed footage of US soldiers callously killing and wounding civilians including children and journalists in Iraq from a helicopter highlighted the immoral nihilistic attitudes of the West and their enablers among the elite in the third world towards the brown population of the Middle East, Africa and Asia. War crimes were done on brown people and there was no accountability. It also gave us a rude awakening because also in 2010 WikiLeaks disclosed that even the Pakistani state had given tacit consent to drone strikes while publicly taking a stance against them. The Elites and the neo colonizers joining hands what a callous epiphany conjured by the architects of neo imperialism. But in opposition to this and in contradiction stood the epiphany of Chelsea Manning who decided to leak the exploits of American bio power and predation on brown bodies and corpses as a technology of rule being employed ruthlessly by the US with almost no accountability for its actions.

A decolonized framing of the world system would require examining the proximity privilege bestowed upon certain groups in some cases. A brown and black Muslim can only escape radicalized predation by the West if they have a certain proximity privilege which people in Iraq do not had but the two Reuters journalist did to some extent. Their brown identity matters much less than their proximity privilege that they are Reuter’s journalists not brown Iraqis for the concerned Westerners. That’s why most mentions of the leaked WikiLeaks video always state  the employment agency of the two reporters as if that is a qualifier for their deaths to become worthy of being mourned or remembered .

Similarly a Massacre of Muslims in New Zealand would receive attention due to proximity privilege but the deaths of Iraqis and Pakistanis would not be highlighted much.

But the attention extended to Muslims of New Zealand was done  in a way that excludes the Muslim voices in New Zealand and etherizes them by neglecting indigenous Maori Muslim population while completely neglecting the settler colonial origins of New Zealand , these colonial projects still continue the oppression of brown and black communities across the world. The entire Western media struck to tone deaf white savior portrayals of the prime minister of New Zealand despite her being in a coalition with the nationalist New Zealand First Party and her choosing to completely neglect the settler colonial origins of New Zealand during her response to the tragedy when she stated that this isn’t New Zealand but this is this is what New Zealand has always been  a colonial outpost to propagate white population and inflict horrific misery on its indigenous people you can’t erase that .

As the US president Trump has now revoked a policy requiring the CIA to account for civilian deaths from drone strikes the West as the sole subject in the world system will continue to be centered and brown and black voices erased and their bodies exploited. The people involved in collateral murder will have a free hand and the ones who exposed them like Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange will languish in jail. Chelsea Manning had a welcome epiphany she had a conscience  which nurtured this epiphany which compelled her to collaborate with Julian Assange to reveal war crimes however she did the sacrilegious act of treading upon unreason in a world system that presently operates on rampant and unremitting indifference towards all that don’t fit in a whitening frame. Alas, the only white saviors the world likes are the ones that  continue to perpetuate white privilege like Jacinda Arden and Greta Thunberg.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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