The Eroding Essence Of Togetherness In Our Society!

The importance of home stands undisputed even amidst a raft of conventional and otherwise beliefs that undermine the importance of home and family. No matter how the physical factors of the world outside of home shape children ‘s view of certain things in life, the values that are ingrained in them at home still have the power to influence these very external components that children engage with. The way these values are perceived, adopted, and exhibited differently by different members of the family shows diverse mindsets functioning under the same roof, which is also the core essence of how such multiple personalities evolve.

Therefore, a home where children’s crisp minds are forged with values and beliefs must be havens incorporating integral elements that complement the essentials of respecting and embracing relationships, tolerance, acceptability, and non-violence; these values can be best taught within a family where priorities are placed on the essence of togetherness first. Nothing can replace the efficacy of a child’s development that takes place inside the home, surrounded by his or her family. It is inside these homes that the values instilled in little minds go on to unfold before the world and play their vital part in reshaping it, and are carried down to other generations as well.

When teaching children the importance of togetherness first, it doesn’t necessarily have to be within the specific grid that children are allowed space to grow within at home, but the broader dimensions that they may require inevitably to evolve outside the provisional boundaries elevated by their parents, guardians, and others who are part of the internal system. In light of the recent—and ongoing—episodes fraught with sectarian violence, the concept of togetherness is molded into separate religious doctrinal grids wherein anyone, who happens to be outside the boundaries, is branded an enemy, and that too blatantly using the self-procure d license that grants liberty to accuse a community of being worthy of mistreatment.

Be it blasphemous chants on open streets or derogatory comments made on national television by unabashed eminent scholars, sectarian violence and the factors triggering it has gone beyond the apparent, and are now seeping into the hidden roots of our society and deadening it like gangrene. We, as a nation, have failed to deliver on multiple fronts and we can’t deny that. Solidarity is a virtue that was never our priority, and this has do ne us great damage where our image in the international sphere is concerned. Let’s not specify any sect here, for neither of them is exempt from employing extreme mechanics against the other. But the one thing that concerns them all is the consequences of their actions, which are slowly and gradually poisoning the tender minds. In this virtual age of excessive accessibility to almost everything physically taking place around the world, what our children are taking away is the seed of hatred and bigotry that sows n in their minds schematically, so that they grow up to be individuals that are intolerant towards the beauty of diversity.

It is definitely a wake-up call for all of us. Setting the minds, undergoing growth, self-exploration, and discovery, on paths of prejudice may prove fruitful in gaining dominance over the party perceived and slotted under the category of “enemies” despite being part of the same land, it is only going to strike back with full force once it has reached the breaking point. There is nothing more damaging for society than instilling a sense of antagonism in young, evolving minds against others who have different beliefs than their own; it is the very beginning of the ineluctable end that societies infested with sectarian violence and bigotry fall prey to.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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