Almighty Allah says, “Allah is the sovereign ruler of the earth and sky, He has the power to create anything, to bless one with son, daughter or mix of them and to deprive one of the descendants”.

We should have faith on the belief that Almighty Allah is the greatest merciful and beneficent who does not exceed on anyone, but they are the acts that creates problems for us and now it’s up to us how we encounter them, we seek refuge from Him on our sins, bear it with the patience or raise voice on it and protest against them.

If we analyze the matter of human beings’ birth we find that somewhere its creation forms like a perfect and healthy human and somewhere with some mental or physical disability like deafness, blindness or dumbness, etc. Same as a human has a birth disability, sexual disability, and we called those people with different names such as Khawaja Sira, Mukhanas, Hejra, Zankha, Transgender, or Hermaphrodite. Whereas these people are not a separate creation or nation but also the crown of creation as like other mankind and a part of our society to whom we entirely throw away from a healthy social and cultural life due to our carelessness and inappropriate attention and then these people inhabit in a so-called glamorous world while such a kind of life have overwhelming sadness, agony, bind-ness, and pain in itself and we had never made any attempt to know about it, although if we think about it they have roots in our social life and have blood relations to whom they have lost. Have we ever asked from a mother who gives birth these transgender people and then she entirely exits him/her from her life due to so-called social and cultural restrictions and thus a life of a human is ruined who needs proper care, attention, love, and a healthy environment like other disabled persons to spend his or her life and in resultant he/she deprived off from a healthy life but also from his or her blood relations and it’s like death but alive?  Think about it, have we ever done like that with other disabled persons if we have in our family? We try our best to provide them every possible treatment and approach the best available doctor or hospital so that may our child, brother, sister, son or daughter recover and spend a healthy life, same like that these hermaphrodite people requires full attention and a healthy environment to spend a healthy and active life.

If we scientifically or medically talk about it, there’s a need to think that how these people have a birth while they don’t have the sexual power to intercourse or to give birth. In their birth a father has a significant role because a male has XY chromosome pair and a female has XX, when XY meets a son takes birth and daughter in results of XX combination, however, if due to some unusual reasons XXY chromosome takes place in the interaction of a male and female during intercourse a hermaphrodite or transgender child takes birth hence in view of that the male (father of the child) is entirely responsible for such a birth.

Now if we make its analysis on the basis of religion or religious faith, their honor and dignity have a significant presence in our Islamic History. According to authentic reveals evidence of their birth not only present among the Muslim community but also other religions and races even yet during the era of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). One asked from the Caliph Mola Ali (A.S) who has no comparison in knowledge and wisdom and known as ‘Door of Knowledge” regarding the inheritance of hermaphrodite people, he replied immediately that their inheritance would be determined as per their resemblance, if one resembles a male then one would be dealt as a male and if one resembles a female then one would be dealt as female.

Recently the Council of Islamic Ideology Pakistan has given the right of marriage to hermaphrodite people with their opposite gender, because being a human these people also have a natural feel like a normal person, however with the difference that these people have no ability to reproduce their generation although they have the ability to spend a healthy life.

It’s our very sad demising, unfortunate and moral cheapness that despite the claimant of Muslim civilization we don’t fulfill their rights, we force them to leave our homes through our humiliating and insulting behavior, furthermore even we cite a saying of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) without understanding its meanings and spirit. Saying ” Curse on those men who adopt the resemblance of women and curse on those women who adopt the resemblance of men, exile them from your homes” whereas by the said citation it is proved that there is no evidence to exile those people who are naturally hermaphrodite or transgender by birth but the said quotation is regarding those people who knowingly adopt opposite gender resemblance just for their internal satisfaction.

We call those people by different names and one of them “Khawaja Sira” is most honorable which means Fort Officer and was given by Mughal Emperors to those people who were deployed in their Shahi Harm to protect their females from an illegal interaction with other males.

It’s a big dilemma that we have neither made any attempt to understand and feel their pain nor asked about their difficult and miserable lifestyle but, on the contrary, we humiliate them. Religiously, these people are also our responsibility and when on the Domesday Almighty Allah will ask us about their rights, what will be our answer, have we ever thought about it? In the results of our irresponsible behavior, these people have become addicted to multiple illegal and unethical activities from smoking to narcotics and dangerous and life-threatening diseases and there is no one to care for them. There is a need to play our role as a responsible citizen, to give them equal rights as a family and society member, and to provide them equal opportunities in education, health, sports, recreational, entertainment, social and economic activities so that they may perform their active and healthy role in the development of a healthy society and country progress like other people which is their basic human right. On the other side, it is also the responsibility of such a transgender person that they thank Almighty Allah on His countless blessings and bears this disability with the patience because in this immortal life their patience is an exam for them and if they succeed they would get reward by the Almighty Allah in this immortal world and life after death too.

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