Time Has Come to introduce Strict Laws For Sexual Crimes!

The recent incident of rape on the motorway shook the entire nation. But have we all been forced to think about what will be the solution to these problems? And how can these events be avoided in the future? In an Islamic society where we seem to have the dignity of women and children, is that really the case?

According to media reports, the main accused in the tragedy, Abid Ali, whose DNA matched, has been involved in similar sexual crimes since 2013. So the question is why such a criminal was released in public? He should have been in the cell room seven years ago so that he would not tarnish the honor of any sister or daughter in the future.

The main reason for sexual crimes is that criminals do not have the fear of the law. The impression and belief that we will rape any woman or child and nothing will happen to us, leads to evil and wicked elements are born in the society. This claim of so-called masculinity also degrades man from the level of humanity. When a wicked man is born, he becomes a disgrace to all of humanity, and after committing this great sin, he fearlessly commits every crime that is against the dignity of humanity.

Lack of goodness in family training, lack of attention from children at home, especially not keeping an eye on children’s friends, their social media groups, interests and tendencies are also important reasons. But sometimes reality is the reverse. Sometimes parents are good but their children go to another level and get involved in negative activities and ruin their honor.

Sexual harassment also refers to a psychological problem. Many people have bitter experiences with women in life, whether it is as a stepmother in childhood or a woman in a more intelligent position in the office than you. Rape has now become an important weapon to envy such women and make them a role model.

It’s not that this does not happen in civilized societies. By civilized here I mean the so-called western free society of parents, the same thing happens there. But now in Pakistan, due to social media platforms, these issues have come to the fore and these topics are also being discussed. In our society, only abused women or children are blamed. Because the strong can’t be caught, the evidence against the weak is gathered that you should have taken care of yourself or a relative can’t do that.

Effective legislation is needed to end sexual crimes quickly. How long will we blame the parents? How long will we blame the media? How long will we keep the mentally ill in this society and cover their sins?

How long will we continue to make our laws merely an adornment of documents? The decision is yours to make. The sword of state power is the only and effective solution to eradicate this heinous crime.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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