Rape or the Rapist?

”The evil always needed attention to make us forget what is right”

It was the famous show of Amitabh Bachan – Kaun Banega crorepati and I was a little curious girl watching most of the days. I don’t remember much about that but, what shook me into pieces was an old woman sitting on the hot seat ( unfortunately don’t remember her name, but she was associated with an NGO as I was a little schoolgirl ) said that we briefed girls about rape in some villages because women there thought the rape is the Men’s right and there’s nothing wrong. The old woman told them this is a brutal act and is against all human rights. This incident is still as fresh as I saw that on tv. And it made a way to the mind that things like rape are more sensitive than we think it is.

There’s a substantial debate going around about the incident of Lahore motorway.  It has been observed that the audience of Pakistan is deeply hurt by the incident which of course is a fact. It is not just hurting, but also traumatic. But let’s talk about some points to see a clear picture of such misshapen.

The people of Pakistan are demanding the rapist to be hung. The demand is spreading on social media and almost all including the celebrities and the common people have said something emphatically. Most of them are in favor of hanging the rapist and demand in giving him the brutal death. But wait a minute, let’s find out something more important.

Are we against rape or the rapist because the growth of rapists is growing day today? As society holds pedophiles of all nature. ʽʽ Knowing as the fact that in Pakistan the laws are only implemented till the sufficient time and when the trend is over, back to track. Cases will rise and no one will ever know who was raped or who raped. So, the cause should be the eradication of rape from society, not the rapist; People are giving too attention to the rapist instead of giving it to the government on implementing an act for a lifetime, Or pressuring the government to give mental stability to the victim or to set an inquiry or to train the police in such sensitive cases or to transparent the investigation to people or to set an online system to track the rapist as soon as possibly ʼʼ

Again the ample attention to a rapist is justified but the government is still on the same page as it was a few years ago. The rape happened in Zia’s regime and it is still a disgusting part of our society even now. In these whole years, no long term law was implemented to eradicate this dirt but the government or the system weaken the victims in drawing their cases.

In Rural areas with a scarcity of full resources, the cases are also pressed into grounds for protecting the honor. The government should have to tie the rope and let it sink in such areas where justice along with lawfulness should be given priority. The strong system of government should be all over its state and should not ever let the culprit escape. If people are drawing back their cases the government should be the one to give them the security to hold such cases but on the contrary its the opposite. The law enforcement mainly police of the area are on the urge to let the matter sink.

How can we forget the case of the 30-year-old woman – who was forced to gang rape by the village council and after an Anti-Terrorism Court declared them guilty, another count in 2005 acquitted all the except one culprit with the result of ”insufficient evidence”

No doubt the anger has deflected upon the evil, the rapist. But does it will bring a change. The change is in something sustainable, something commendable, or something constant. And that is the law and its application. The laws should be enough to terrify the criminal and the non-criminal. Why most of the culprits are acquitted and found not guilty. Most of them are roaming and looking for new prey. Criminals are everywhere in civil society but where are the laws to disguise them from common man and people.

Gathering outside to see a rapist hung is a temporary solution of the monstrous crime but a genuine criminal justice system, in responding to rape for a lifetime eradication will bring adequate solutions. I wanna see the daughters and mother’s saying we are fine while coming back home. They should say I was harassed I filed a complaint and he’s in jail. Assure the governance of the laws that last long till we all live here. Assure that the implementation is as effective as before. Assure that the cells are being installed in every area to detect the case as soon as possible. Putting extreme pressure on the government will make them do what we want, not want they should. They should secure every daughter of this nation.

To eradicate rape. We have to know why and how this happens in this society. With the past years, no such effective action has made them more in numbers where some are also not reported unfortunately because of the police attitude towards the victim’s family. The police behavior defines the change this nation wanna see.

Zainab’s case was also the incompetency of the system that took her life and a new bill was passed. This means that every time we want to see change, someone has to lose their life. This is pathetic in any sense. 97 passengers died and you got to know the fake license scandal. Someone has to die to make it prominent to the eye of the law which in many events defines how serious are we with our laws and their implementation.

According to the Zainab Alert Bill, it is mentioned that it is obligatory on the government of Pakistan to make provisions for ensuring the right to life and protection from violence, abuse, abduction, or exploitation of children under the age of eighteen years. This clearly states that it does not matter whether the case became the high profile or not, it is the duty of the state to work efficiently to resolve such heinous crimes. But underneath most of them are not reported and the government is unaware of them. Then how we all could protect a girl being harassed, raped regularly by the one she knows at her home. The transparency of laws and their effectiveness inefficient matters here.

I hope I was able to draw some light on the indistinct reasons why public hanging is not a good idea. They are of course more than we think if we think in research values and people like Sulema Jehangir, Nida Jeffery, and Jibran Nasir have also contributed to letting people know why public hanging is a sinking idea.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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