Importance of extracurricular activities in student life!

Most of us are familiar with the term extracurricular activities. For those who do not know about it, extracurricular activities mean to take part in any extra activity, apart from studies. For example, debate competition, singing competition, art competition, any sports competition and etc.

Extra-curricular activities are offered by almost every school out there. These activities are very beneficial for children. By participating in such activities, knowledge increases, personality grooms, confidence increases, you get to learn from your mistakes, experience increases, and Allah has blessed every human being with extra talent. We will find out our extra talent by participating in such extracurricular activities. If we do not take part in these activities, then how will we know about our extra talent? If we do not know about our extra talent, how will we express it? Our talent will be wasted if we don’t participate in those activities. Many children do not participate in such activities due to fear of losing. They think that if they will lose, everyone will make fun of them. As long as we go to the water, how will we learn to swim; similarly, how will we win if we do not participate in the competition? We used to learn from our mistakes.

Rather than worrying about what people will say, we should try and focus on our own aims and aspirations. We should just try to give our best and should let go of the fear of losing. Other than this, parents also need to give space to their children, because they put a lot of academic pressure on them, due to which they do not have time to participate in extracurricular activities

Even some parents have a mindset that by participating in these activities, there is a loss of studies. If so, then why do schools worldwide use to arrange such activities?

We all know that excess of everything is bad, the same goes for studying because if the child only keeps on studying, then he or she will get exhausted. There will come a point where they’ll stop comprehending the text and the concepts involved. Once one research was done, in which two groups of students were created. One group was asked to study continuously and the other group was asked to study after working out. Then, both groups got the same test in which the children who were continuously studying got fewer marks than the children who exercised got more marks while they got less time to study. This happened because exercise and such activities fascinate children and increase their ability of understanding and thinking. I am not saying that children should stop studying and should only participate in these extracurricular activities. I just want to say that we should set time for everything. We should keep a balance. If we meet someone, we do not tell everyone about our marks. We are identified by the way we talk, but if we are studying all the time, how will we know about the outside world? When you take part in such activities, you see others, you meet with different people, then you get to know how to meet people, and how to talk with them. We need to set a time in our lives for these extracurricular activities and should participate in these activities for our happiness and for our bright future. Focus on your goal then one day you guys will definitely succeed.


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