Changing Mindset -The need of the Hour!

The recent horrific rape incident has taken the nation by storm. Everyone is sharing how they felt after listening to the news and the demand for the public hanging of the rapists has increased as it is trending across all social media platforms. While there are people who know where the problem lies, unfortunately, there are insensitive people blaming the victim including the CCPO himself. People giving their senseless opinion is not something new but what is sickening is that they are not ready to accept the fact that they are completely talking nonsense. This is where the problem lies. Yes, public hanging of the rapists is an important demand but this mindset of victim-blaming needs to change.

Who are you to give your senseless opinion on sensitive issues like this? Shame on you. I felt disgusted when I listened to this horrific news but what is more sickening is actually seeing people talk nonsense.

Incidents of such extreme depravity compel one to ponder over the reason behind the growing incidences of such horrific acts. How we think is important because then we form opinions. Changing a mindset is the need of the hour in order to change society. Too often, we hear people blame women for provoking their attackers because they are wearing inappropriate clothes or behaving in a certain way. It is always about how it is the fault of the women and not the attacker. This time I was shocked to see people talking about how that woman should not have traveled alone, again blaming it on the victim. How can someone say this knowing that the incident took place in front of her children and knowing that she called the police? This is the stigma that stops victims from speaking about that particular incident. There is no other side to the story. There is no justification to it, stop justifying someone’s ill behavior, and stop blaming it on the victim. It is not her fault but it is the fault of people like you who justify these acts.

It will take time to change mindsets. It is important to identify the key elements that have shaped the shared attitudes of our society, which these men are also a part of. Societal attitudes towards women play a significant role in the perpetration of violence against women and how society responds to such acts.

The socially allowed and normalized female oppression in Pakistan allows rapists to justify and minimize their sexual offending, evade responsibility, and blame everything on the victim. And that is why issues like these need strong action and the top priority should be of changing mindsets.

If we keep talking about these issues and point out the sick mentality, soon victims will receive the justice they deserve.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.

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