With the current financial and economic situation, the future in Pakistan looks bleak. Amidst all the social issues residing in Pakistan, unemployment has made its way to a few of the most critical ones.

Lack of skilled workers, lack of education, government jobs, late retirement age, and an increase in population are some of the many reasons why Pakistan suffers from unemployment. Students are practically afraid to face the corporate environment. A lot of dreams go in vain just because people in Pakistan do not appreciate talent enough. What’s more? Living to make money, paying bills, and being the bread earner of a household are the primary agendas of almost every next person.

As long as you don’t have a family business to inherit, making your position in the world can sound terrifying. And I get it, why wouldn’t it? It’s not like all of us were born with a golden spoon in our mouths. I might be the only financial supporter for my family, and you might be in yours.

With no place to go and get a job, our generation today either works to procure experience or turn towards jobs that pay unsustainable amounts of money. Individuals with stable backgrounds head abroad for further studies and employment. Even the talented and skilled ones search for such opportunities since they do not get paid enough in Pakistan for their offerings.

I know people who have started careers abroad, and honestly, that has been an excellent start for them. Despite the fact that it may come off as betraying your homeland since you gain all your insight here and then assist people and companies abroad, it does, however, dial the weight down your shoulders. I wouldn’t suggest people do so myself, but a person has to feed himself and family one way or another.

From my experiences, I have noticed individuals give more importance to working out state, and apparently, it is praised too. Even my sister graduated a year ago, although she has a stable vocation, yet she is always whining and complaining about not getting paid enough for the measure of work that she does. I have seen her applying to jobs abroad just so that she can earn a secure 6 figure salary, well not that easy, but at least she’ll get paid fair for her efforts and contributions. And I am certain that she wouldn’t need much convincing to make her move once she gets employed with reasonably good compensation.

In today’s day and age, I too, am scared of getting out in the world, searching for new opportunities and jobs, my biggest fear is of being rejected. And this isn’t because I doubt myself, my capabilities, or that I don’t have any skills or talent. The feeling and fear are merely because the recruiting administrations prioritize people with strong networks and connections, especially government job employers.

Due to the corruption in this sector, many students focus on investing and opting towards a startup. I know many people and my fellow students who have done so. This startup might be as small as running a home-based bakery, launching a clothing line, or maybe even opening an entire restaurant; this all depends on the money they have for investment.

However, with the arrival of the COVID’19 pandemic, many such startups and even some well-flourished businesses have been a victim of major downfall. Pakistan, being an underdeveloped country, has faced significant issues since the pandemic spread. Many middle-class families, who prior to the COVID’19 made a sufficient income to run their families, are now losing jobs and struggling to provide bread for their children. Every member of the family is trying to cash out through hook and crook. With entire households struggling at this time, and experienced peers ready to work at low wages, students like us are put in the backseat once again. Because for obvious reasons, why would anyone hire an untrained, fresh graduate?

They say the youth is the future. But is it really? When there are no opportunities for us to prove ourselves.

We know how desi people and culture can be a little toxic to individuals when planning to start their lives. Calling us out for being lazy, just eating, sleeping, and not working can negatively impact a student’s mental health. We are not sure, but maybe this is why we hear about students committing suicides; because of unemployment. It’s always the pressure of living up to the standards and the fear of being a failure. The trauma and the entire pandemic situation puts a lot of pressure on the youngsters since this is the time that they need to take a stand and provide for their families.

The government is to be blamed mostly for the situation if you ask me. The condition of Pakistan has intensely worsened over time; the monetary terms are nowhere near settling.

A lot can improve if the government initiates and takes these steps soon. The entire social issue of unemployment can easily be eliminated, resulting in an educated and well-established state.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Dunya News’ editorial stance.  

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