Being a woman is not an easy job!

Being a women is not an easy job. When it comes to choosing a career, doing a job, or selecting a partner. Society expects so much from women, why not from men. There are different standards for judging men and women. Man is free from the societal pressures which a woman has to face. Since childhood, young girls are prepared to get things done with a certain goal in mind. ‘Sit with your legs crossed, you are a young lady’… ‘Who will marry you if you can’t do clothing, clean a house or do utensils?’… They are always instructed ‘You are a young girl and you have to be perfect, men don’t care for messy women!’… Such words are regularly rehashed to young girls when they grow.

Question is how many times boys are told the same thing when they grow? Why not the boys need to perfect, why only girls. Why this level of perfection is expected from girls only. If it comes to their physical looks or their perfection in household activities, girls need to be perfect. How many times boys are told to respect a women, and to consider her a human being not a machine. Feeling pressure from family, friends and society to get married and have children is one of the common thing in Pakistani society. Why a woman can’t decide her marriage age? Why the age standard is fixed for women, not for men. Why the beauty standard is set for women not men? Are we really living in a 21st century?

While a great many women around the globe today are getting a charge out of better instruction, vocation achievement, budgetary autonomy and hard-won opportunity, they’re frequently compelled to fight off strain to adjust. At family social events or open occasions, they may confront a flood of apparently honest inquiries from family members about wedding bells and babies. I am not saying that men are not inclined to such sort of treatment. All I am stating is that women are progressively powerless. I value that individuals comprehensively are standing firm in demystifying all the stereotypes against women however the plain truth is that we have far to go till we are completely freed.

We live in a general public dependent on looks and we are encircled by certain cultural desires and explicit molds that girls should fit in to. Girls always have to look good, other than satisfying those hopes. From head to toe, we need to look easily immaculate, looking simply like the pictures of flawless ladies the media besieges us with regular basis. In the rural regions, girls resemble slaves subject to drudgery. They are there just to comply with their dads, siblings and spouses decisions. They don’t reserve the privilege to choose about themselves since girls are considered as silly animals as per the predominant social and social standards. In like manner marriage is additionally such an exchange between various families both in the rustic and urban zones. They are exceptionally powerless against infringement of their privileges to life.

A woman’s entitlement to freedom is confined for the sake of humility, security and avoidance of indecent movement. It is unfortunate to the point that even in the 21st century we are so far talking about the troubles women face.

It is really high time for us to shake these standards and to educate our boys, our society to respect women. She should be given choice to choose her career, her spouse and to decide her life decisions. A more profound feeling of comprehension and mindfulness should be ingrained in the general public identified with settling propositions to be engaged. There is a need to perceive that the marriage propositions ought to be settled with common and consistent assent without welcoming power or pressure. This is probably going to keep up congruity and parity in setting up a commonly upbeat and pleasant conjugal relationship. Incredible things happen when a young girl gets the instruction she needs. Her life and the lives of her kids improve. She acquires a pay and adds to the nearby economy. She displays certainty and self-assurance for her kids and all the other women out there. Women need to have a sense of security, esteemed and regarded for their inborn worth and commitment.

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