The ‘moderates’ – An endangered species

Usually attributed to the religious fanatics – extremism is widespread in all factions of our society with the so-called ‘liberals’ also having a fair share of this scourge. Regarding the issues ranging from the likes of construction of a Hindu temple to the very recent conversion of the Hagia Sophia into a mosque in Turkey, heated debates are witnessed by everyone in one’s circle.

The situation is clear, either you are a far-left Liberal or a ‘Mulla’ with nothing in between; the society assorts you into these two outfits only. Raising a question on the ideology of an ‘enlightened’ erudite would make you an extremist, illiterate freak with an antiquated mindset vis-à-vis with the situation when you argue with a religious scholar on the practicality of a fairy tale being narrated with a great zeal and fervor on a sanctified pulpit or about the sectarian violence being propagated alongside because nobody wants to dwell in the hell( though both here and in the hereafter).

Medially, there exists a class, a group of moderates, “poor unfortunate souls”, standing between the two belligerents, asking for sanity but their voices getting throttled by the commotion of the raging cannons of the two ‘self-righteous’ sides, struggling hard for theirs and the society’s survival, for a peaceful coexistence, for a better world where no one would be indicted one-sidedly and regarded as an infidel or an idiot. These fellows are standing in the centre of the spectrum to prevent a collision culminating into anarchy featuring chaos.

Ironically, even the most extremist and unyielding of the people deem themselves as symbols of character, the epitomes of intelligence, the champions of chivalry, the paragons of humanity and so on, not paying an iota of heed towards anyone urging them to mend their ways. Sadly, the only commonality in both the extremes is the hostility towards those professing moderacy.

In the recent years, the increased social media influence has been proportional to the increase in violent attitudes and intolerance in the community. Vilification is the talk of the town. The preference of fiendishness and malapertness over genteelness is becoming common, with many moderates, fearing an existential crisis, are taking sides too. Thus, the ‘gap’ in the spectrum is getting narrowed down day by day.

The point is, we are agathokakological, which means we can develop both the positive and the negative qualities. One thing that we ought to know that every single homo sapiens has a mind which processes differently and uniquely and he must be taught to respect others’ viewpoint. He must acknowledge that the other person is not a ‘Neanderthal’ and is the Son of the same God. Forbearance, tolerance and harmony are the traits that make our race superior to other divine creations.

To extinguish the fire, everyone would have to produce a child named ‘moderacy’ and nurture it with a ‘curry of sanity’, a ‘kebab of wisdom’, a ‘loaf of chivalry’, and the ‘water of tolerance’. Unless and until these features are brought into the society, the no.of fanatics, the graphs of assassinations and murders over small spats would continue to skyrocket, the ‘vicious cycle’ of the process continuing with its grim ramifications and the endangered species of the ‘moderates’ could face possible extinction.

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