Views and opinions – beyond right and wrong!

There’s not just one right or one wrong way, there can be many right ways and wrong ways. Try being informed instead of just opinionated.

We all love giving our opinions on different matters as it’s really easy for us now as compared to previous generations. You can open any social media platform with just one touch and you tweet, post a status and there you go. You have given your opinion. That’s great. Now what really is bothering me is that generally people just draw a line between right and wrong according to what they have seen, like two parties and they decide whose side they are on. When they decide that, anyone who goes against it they give them explanations as to why they shouldn’t do that and be on the right side. This is what is concerning. See, what is right for you might not be right for me. My views could be based on how I perceived that matter and maybe you have read about it. So it’s different in both our cases. You can’t convince me and neither can I convince you.

Reading is so important to understand that there are several views on the same subject and you might get stunned by each opinion and won’t be able to choose. I was watching an interview and I felt what the person said . Because you don’t want to give your opinion on everything as you fee l you don’t have enough knowledge but when you learn about it, you get to know that there can be several aspects to one story and you can’t judge that. For example, if I read 10 books on the topic of life, I’ll have 10 or maybe more than 10 views on life so how I’ll explain my opinion matters a lot but you get to understand it from different point of views. You understand what the other person is feeling, that’s empathy. And for me to be empathetic and less judgmental we as a society need to read more to understand what’s going around and most importantly to understand where you are headed, to understand yourself. Similarly, When someone gives an opinion on you in a negative manner then don’t question your self because he judged you based on what he saw and what he perceived. Don’t let people’s opinion affect you badly and just think that they don’t matter because that person didn’t know you. If he did, he wouldn’t have judged you like that. He is just giving his opinion and it doesn’t matter because you are more than what people say about you.

“Different eyes see the same thing different. This is called an opinion. Respect it.”

It helps in understanding other person’s point of view, why he is saying what he is saying. You know, we shouldn’t take sides with whatever we feel is right because your opinion might be based upon something else and the way it happened might be another thing. Always be responsible when you speak. I used to be like that too, I am not saying I knew everything. Learning is not limited to one aspect of life only. I used to get very irritated while listening to someone else’s point of view which I didn’t relate to and I would think, why are people so dumb while thinking that my opinion is very right. I wasn’t right actually. When we think that we are right and the other person is wrong, we don’t even bother listening to his point of view. I realized this later that it’s beyond right and wrong. Our opinions are beyond that. I am not saying you shouldn’t give opinion on something but what I am saying is that educating yourself on that particular matter is very important and then you should give opinion and after that if somebody criticizes your point of view, then don ‘t bash them. Just take it as it is. Don’t change your view but at least understand that he must be thinking from another perspective as there can’t be one perspective to any kind of situation, be it social or political or any other debate.

Also our mental level is not the same. We perceive things differently, there are very few people whom we can connect with and relate to. We view things differently so just respect that before coming to a conclusion. I really feel that it is important specially in a time like this, it’s really important to be responsible in what we say and how we say it. Spreading chaos is not the option, it can never be. I have seen this so many times that I wanted to write about it and I hope I made sense.

“Opinion is the really the lowest form of human knowledge. It requires no accountability, no understanding. The highest form of knowledge is empathy, for it requires us to suspend our egos and live in another’s world. It requires profound purpose larger than the self kind of understanding. ” ~Bill Bullard

The highest form that is empathy can only be achieved by learning and educating yourself.

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