Sindh and Federal Government At loggerheads during the corona Crisis

We all have heard ‘Crisis is the time when people related are bound to show the strongest bonding’. Because solidarity and bonding are the things that get us through hard and tough times. Also, these are the times that show us who we really are. But what about the people who have their own axes to grind even in such crisis. Not only that, but also going to the extent of working for their vested interests during all this. Make no mistake! These are the politicians of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The concurrent Corona pandemic brought out the worst out of them. There was no day passing when they didn’t try to gain some political mileage out of these circumstances. Not only that in every public speaking, which was supposedly arranged to talk on the hot issue of COVID-19, the pivot turned towards the mud-slinging and accusations. No political party in the country would let go of the opportunity of exploiting the plight of public in these hours of trial.

Sindh Government and the Federal Government have been at the logger-heads since the formation of both the governments. Hurling accusations at each other never stopped. But those were normal circumstances where such immoralities have become a new routine in Pakistan. But when the pandemic hit the country, they were expected to put all the vendetta against each other at the back burner, and use all the resources and energies at their disposal for the relief of people. Not only it didn’t happen, but the war for more power between them intensified. Where the Sindh government kept accusing the federal government of not doing enough, the federal government spokespersons didn’t remain behind in quid-pro-quo. All this charade created a sort of smoke-screen where it became next to impossible seeing the true performance of any one or even remaining focused on the hot issue of the pandemic. The loser in all these fights were as usual the general public who saw all this with jaw-dropping and wondered if not such a big plague, what will make these politicians to take stock of their little bickering and fight the pandemic.

This is just one chapter of the story. The opposition also played the same role, and all the opposition parties would never let any opportunity of taking a dig at the government slip by. Instead of showing the ailing people that Opposition are doing more than the government must have, only the lip-service and verbal abuses are delivered. If any good initiative was taken by the government, it was out-rightly rebuffed by the Opposition parties and charges of dishonesty were labelled. The same goes for the government. It not only doesn’t pay heed to the reasonable –if any- demand of actions presented by the Opposition parties for the general public, but sites every such demand as a hidden agenda of gaining the political mileage. No Assembly session goes by when a new pandemonium is not ensued in Parliament. And this is happening during the time of Emergency situations. Hardly any time is given for debating the issue of COVID-19 and steps taken thereof. All the time is wasted in political bickering and looking down upon each other in Parliament.

The Pakistani people have already suffered enough during the plague time. Many are rendered jobless, if not directly affected by the pandemic. Or at least there is less on everyone’s plate now in general public. That’s why it was high time to mull over as how to restore the status-quo and get people out of misery as soon as possible. That will surely get the required political mileage to everyone who strives for that in real terms.

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