A New Cold War in Making?

Where the World forums, in the last three months, were overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic, are now shrouded by Western-Chinese conflict. Newspapers are replete with editorials and opinions of how the West has encircled the Eastern economic giant. Like a game of chess, the US has placed its every pawn on the right spot. The Chinese-Indian Himalayan skirmish coupled with backtracking of the UK from Huawei 5G deal (that was verbally approved) in January, has strengthened US position against its rival. Moreover, the Japanese have also altered the status of its disputed islands with China. The arrival of US aircraft carriers in the South China sea has given hope to the anti-Chinese bloc in the far-east region. The US-Indian Pacific deal is another manifestation of Indian hegemony in the Indian Ocean in the foreseeable future. The West has also started a robust campaign against the Chinese for their latest authoritative law in Hong Kong and its unlawful persecution of Uighur Muslims.

Furthermore, in the United States, the anti-Chinese narrative has become a popular slogan in the US Presidential electoral campaign. Trump and Joe Biden are on the same page when criticizing China.

However, the Chinese have shown quite aggressive moves that were not anticipated by its opponents. Unlike their ‘sleeping dragon’ approach in the past, the new generation has started a Wolf-diplomacy, whereby its leaders and diplomats are using the strategy of ferocious tweets against their opponents. The prediction of Napoleon has been proven correct when he prophesied that ‘when the dragon will wake it will shake the world’. Many political experts opine that the dragon has awakened. Chinese brave standoff in Ladakh also portrayed a fearless picture of the People’s Liberation Army, and 400 billion dollars investment in the US sanctioned Iran is a telling sign of Chinese bold approach. It seems that the Chinese have shifted from its Confucian ideology to Machiavellian political doctrine. The cold war between the West and China can be a portent of a catastrophe. The world would not be able to survive a 3rd world war as more than six thousand nuclear warheads will annihilate humanity.

World leaders must halt their follies as wars have brought nothing but misery and destruction to mankind. The world organizations in these times of peril must sit together and remove all the bulwarks that have stood tall against peace and cooperation. If sanity did not prevail, no one could save the ‘future generation from the scourges of war’ as underscored by Roosevelt and Churchill in 1941 on Atlanta. New relations must be forged to circumvent any possibility of war, and a nexus of cooperation and development must be built for progress and prosperity.

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