State level review of Pakistan and India

Even during the coronavirus pandemic, cross border firing at LoC, border between Pakistan and India, continues so does the Indian aggression in Kashmir. Pakistan and India have been competing for a very long time, if India achieves something new, Pakistan just has to achieve it too and why wouldn’t we?

The way Modi used Pakistan as a scapegoat to get himself re-elected shows how Indian aggression against Pakistan is used for their political benefits. No doubt Pakistan should be prepared to face India on every level. But are we able to face them on a global scale? Just how strong is the Indian influence?

Indian CEOs like Indra Nooy, CEO of PepsiCoi who also ranks in the top 100 most powerful women and Sundar Pichai who happens to be CEO of Alphabet and Google show us how far we lag behind Indians in making our marks on the world. How many Pakistanis are there who have been presidents and CEOs of prominent technological and leading companies of the world? As compared to India, just a few.

Pakistan’s international stature is marred by corrupt and reckless members of elite who are good for nothing. Embassies are engulfing resources but are unable to uplift Pakistan’s image abroad. Overseas are not happy with them either. Their performance even after coronavirus outbreak has been below average.

Indians are prominent and powerful individuals in the world’s leading organizations like the World Bank, IMF and so many others. Gita Gopinath, a prominent Indian woman has been Chief economist of IMF since 2019. Similarly in the US, there are so many Indian businessmen, anchors and political figures.

Nikki Haley who has been a prominent member of the UN and Governor of South Carolina openly supported India during her tenure and once gave a statement about how India can help the US keep an “eye on Pakistan.” Trump respected her opinion and although she was not born or raised in India, having her was a huge advantage for India.

Indians are indeed have worked hard to create their international stature. There poverty and the hindu extremism is going on hand in hand. Muslims are sidelined and are unable to do anything. Apart from doing protests and speaking out against their barbaric actions Muslims can’t do much and it has not really been effective in stopping India’s condemn-able actions.

In Pakistan there are only 2 choices for the top performing students: doctors and engineers, which strangely is not even effective right now as during the corona pandemic, Pakistan has shortage of doctors.

How many Pakistani parents and teachers are there who tell their students and children that they can become head of the IMF or world bank one day? Or to become CEO of Nestle or Pepsico? Or even the Prime Minister? Not many or to be exact hardly at all. Other fields from medicine and engineering are the armed forces or bureaucracy which is obsessively pursued by young Pakistanis and are considered “good enough to pursue.”

We can criticize the government and opposition all we want but what can we do when the organizations which we are very dependent on have Indian influence who no matter who the Prime Minister of Pakistan is will always side with India during conflicts and trade deals and even when dealing with loans and debts?

Even in education, there are so many leading Indian professors in prominent universities who obviously choose Indian students to give financial aid and the best work study programs too.

Pakistan is full of talented and hardworking people but our thinking and mentality about being limited to a few professions and positions is causing us to lag behind India on a global scale. Sadly there are still so many people who will never accept this but it was quite obvious during Feb 2019, how much the world needed and supported Indians.

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  1. M.Zaid Khan says

    Nice good blog I’m impressed

  2. Ali Raza says

    Analysis done very well…we as nation are very behind

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