Global Troubles: Unconsciously witnessing WW-III?

Some days earlier I documented a piece of critical breakdown regarding the spread of pandemic. I mentioned how America is trying to accomplish its nefarious objectives through using bio warfare as a tool of massive destruction.

But pertaining to some recent proceedings, I want to reinstate the motion because I personally think that it’s just not limited to that extent. We are being bombard with false delusions in order to miss calculate the gravity of scenario and its real outcomes.

Since the start of outbreak, China became center of attention due to the highly contagious nature of virus and its increased spread in rest of the world. Consequently, China just terminated all trade activities and stated that it was being done in order to minimize the spread of virus across borders. Due to these terminations, Chinese currency started to devalue. Up till this point, nobody could’ve ever imagine that how China is going to shift the global economic paradigm just by using a pandemic and here are some reasons which justifies this notion:

Due to the termination of trade activities, most of US and European companies which were using China as their manufacturing hubs observed a sharp decline in their stock prices which was up to 40%.

After this sharp decline in stock prices, China started to purchase the devalued stock holdings of major US and European countries. This was much easier for China as global investors were fearful about the future, amid to the fast and rapid growth of pandemic without any clinically proved vaccine availability. So, the purchase of shareholdings on less than their actual intrinsic value was much easier for China.

Consequently China becomes a supreme holder of high value technological and chemical companies. So now the world will be dependent on it and China will use this leverage by deciding prices and trade routes according to its own will.

China almost bought a collective figure of 30% shareholdings in Technological and Chemical sector. Now China is the biggest shareholder in all of these companies and when the market will ultimately correct itself, these undervalued holdings will sky rocket in few days. And till this day, China is the biggest owner of US treasury with almost 1.8 Trillion Dollars holdings.

Now the next question is China was buying heavy shareholdings in foreign companies but how did they managed to stop foreign investors from again buying back the shares from Chinese Markets? The answer is that China was the center of worst virus outbreak. In the beginning, the Chinese government portrayed a sense of hopelessness about the fight against the virus. Ultimately this sense of dejection made foreign investors suspicious about the future of China and due to this behavior they refrained from injecting their money in Chinese markets due to associated high risks.

As we all know that this virus can’t survive in higher temperatures. Currently we are living in sub- continent region where end of April is considered to be the official end of Winters. But did anyone noticed that why still temperature is not rising more than 20 degrees Celsius. The answer is artificial atmospheric balance equipment. Yes its true; China possesses HARP Technology which can be used for artificial rains anywhere in order to synthetically lower down the atmospheric temperature and to make sure that this virus can survive until the scores are settled completely. This is how China played an economic tactic of unthinkable nature.

Till the time the Americans and Europeans could’ve realized about the actual scenario, things were out of hand and the only option left was to purposely slow down the economy in order to bankrupt the Chinese companies and announcing a two Trillion Dollars relief package as damage control mechanism.

On the other hand after achieving the required objectives, China started to float the news of zero new patients. And in coming days, China will gradually start to announce that they have the vaccine which they already had from start or the rise in temperature will automatically uproot the virus. And when this pandemic will end; all of us will open our eyes into a post WW III era without even knowing.

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  1. Muhammad Imran says

    Power players are too cruel.

    They attacked Iraq and Afghanistan oil and natural resources and to sell their arms and ammunition.

    Now Covid 19 again for some of their disgusting objectives.

    This is just beginning. They would try even worse.

    But they must note that the Creator of this fabulous universe is also the Creator of Science; He is all knowing and mighty.

  2. Mohammad Butt says

    the Americans always think they know everything but Chinese pretend to know nothing who is clever!!!!

  3. Nisar Hassan Kazmi says

    Not knowing or pretending it is actually more powerful as nobody can question your intentions in the first place because they can’t ruin the unexpected.

  4. Nisar Hassan Kazmi says

    Thank you for your response.
    Stay tuned for more updates on this imperative issue

  5. Badar usman says

    Great shah jee…superb use of Words♥

  6. An educator says

    you have followed as many rumours as you can. first HAARP (not HARP, which is a musical instrument) is a CIA project involving U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Additionally all the stories you hear on the internet about HAARP are conspiracy theories. there are other things too need to be addressed.

    I appreciate your efforts, you did a nice job. but being a journalist (which you will surely be one day), your credibility and truth will be the tool on which world will believe in you. you should start from the very first day building that. if you are proven credible, your one sentence will be heavier than a book by other journalists. good luck my friend.

  7. Syed Nisar Hassan Kazmi says

    Thank you so much for your valuable feedback.
    First of all, let me correct you regarding the your claims about HAARP. Yes you’re right that it was spelled wrong.It should be HAARP instead of HARP. I don’t know from where you quoted this fact but HAARP is actually an atmospheric control mechanism.Orignially it was built by America but China also possess this technology.I am citing a credible link below.Please consult it to get more clarification in this regard.
    I am a student of finance.I can read between the lines.Chinese equity holdings in foriegn companies doubled since the inception of virus.You can search by yourself that during this lockdown, all economies witnessed a sharp decline except Chinese economy.Go and have a look on the reporting of global media these days.All of them is saying that how China is reframing the economic and political paradigms. Truth is not served in a plate.You need to dig down by connecting the dots; which I’ve done 🙂
    Thank you once again for your comment.If you still have some ambiguity then reach me at this following email address.


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