Overseas Pakistanis in time of corona outbreak

UK’s great Kashmiri leader and Deputy secretary general of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, Chaudhry Muhammad Luqman, has become yet another victim of the global pandemic coronavirus. A special collective prayer for his recovery was organized via online video conferencing.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all mosques are closed in UK and Europe. This was the first online collective prayer in which participants from UK, Europe, Pakistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and all over the world took part from their homes.

Among the many other Kashmiri leaders, Chaudhry Muhammad Luqman is one of them. He was born in Khuirratta, district Kotli, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and currently lives in Watford in the United Kingdom. In order to highlight the issue Kashmir, he has played an important role in organizing the Kashmir movement on many global forums. He is also responsible for inspiring a young Kashmiri Leader Raja Fahim Kayani, President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK to join the Kashmir freedom struggle.

Embassies in foreign soil yet to prove they are working for larger interest of overseas Pakistanis. Video and audio messages from overseas Pakistanis are not encouraging; it is evident of the fact that they are facing dire issues, worth considering, worth pondering.

Ch Muhammad Luqman is one of the pioneer members of the largest education base charity the Read Foundation based in the United Kingdom. He is a trustee of Aghosh UK which runs the largest orphan projects in Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

He also runs ‘I-care project’ of the United Kingdom and Islamic mission in greater London, the aim of the project is to help needy people in the United Kingdom.

Political and social activities of people all over world have reduced to nothing. They are quarantined in their homes in order to save themselves from lethal coronavirus which has wrecked havoc all over world. Overseas Pakistanis amid all this are more concerned about their safety and even are looking towards their Pakistani friends to heed to their attention.

Pre-coronvirus world was quite interesting especially with regard to social activities. The campaigns of Kashmiris freedom fighters were at its peak. Ch Muhammad Luqman and many other Kashmiri leaders like him vow to carry on their struggle once international developments pacify.

Government of Pakistan amid all this is attracting positive and negative response. Those overseas who have their foreign nationalities are at peace in their homes but those who are living in foreign soils alone or are struggling to get their foreign nationalities are suffering in the hands of political and social upheavals. The peace of mind and heart of their kith and kin in Pakistan has lost and they are vociferously looking towards government to take action.

Embassies in foreign soil yet to prove they are working for larger interest of overseas Pakistanis. Videos and audio messages are not encouraging; they are evident of the fact that overseas are facing dire issues, worth considering, worth pondering.

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