Dealing Corona rather indulging into Petty Politics

The outbreak originating from the Chinese city of Wuhan ‘Coronavirus’ is the hottest topic in international media nowadays. But unfortunately, it has become prey to international politics.

The blame game is being played to a huge extent with even the likes of most powerful person right now Donald Trump calling it ‘The Chinese Flu’ and the Chinese saying that it was plotted by Americans in their military practices in China. ‘Bio War’ is the term used for such a fight and it is more dangerous than the military wars. Not knowing whom to blame the world should play its role and fight the virus being united and not let the differences come in between them at such a critical time.

The incubation period of the virus is between 1-14 days and after that its symptoms appear. The disease is spreading at a monstrous rate and the world is falling prey to it. Even, countries with the best health facilities like the USA and Italy are also under the clutches of the virus with the USA topping the list for the most affected.

Politics is indeed being played all over the world at the time when this pandemic is wreaking havoc, Pakistan is not in exception. Death of humans in such way shows world leaders from east to west, north to south are unserious to take coronavirus.

Pakistan unluckily is also fighting the deadly plague with less loss of lives however at a huge cost to the economy as the Dollar mounts day by day and the people fear the inflation to arrive soon.

However, as the quote says ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. Despite all the disastrous effects of this virus it also has great lessons for us. It is causing the nature and wildlife to revive again and has given them a sense of solace and they are at peace now as no hunting is taking place. Dolphins and swans were spotted in the canals of Venice, Italy.

Raindeers were seen on the roads of India. Thailand saw monkeys coming into the cities as there were no tourists due to quarantine and In India a critically endangered mammal ‘The Malabar Civet’ was also spotted. All of this diverts my mind to the fact that Nature is reviving itself. This surely is a great lesson for the world that we should not just keep the animals away instead we should learn to co-exist and have serenity for all.

The crime rate has depleted to a very great extent due to COVID-19 which is also a lesson to all that in order to maintain peace we need to end such evil practices and the governments should learn a lesson that if we help the poor regularly, we will be successful in diminishing such practices.

At such a critical moment, it is our duty to be united and terminate this virus by remaining isolated and practicing social distancing. We should take all the precautions to avoid this disease from hunting us and make sure that we contribute our best to save the world and society. I hope we all play our best possible role to conquer this pandemic and don’t forget the poor in this demanding time.

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