Coronavirus: Distressing role of Govt and Opposition

COVID-19 got entry into Pakistan in February 2020, but the number of confirmed cases surged upto 1200 while the total death toll stands at nine on Friday, March 27.

Most of the coronavirus cases in Pakistan are young adults, between 21 to 30 years of age, divulged country’s health minister. In other countries, the age group mainly affected is of elderly people and the paradox in Pakistan is because of the fact that Pakistan has a higher young population as compare to other affected countries.

According to a statement given by Prime minister Imran Khan, 15 percent of the cases in Pakistan are home grown while it spread at a fast pace because of the influx of affected pilgrims from Iran. Government opted to take screening procedures at airports but as per the statement of Fawad Chaudhry, Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Pakistan is a country maintaining “porous borders” which makes it easy for people to come in unchecked. Hence, most of the people came back to the country through those porous borders, and served as a mean to infect others in Pakistan.

China, Pakistan’s neighbour and close friend despite fighting her own war against this pandemic, is attempting to help Pakistan through this gruesome time.

China, Pakistan’s neighbour and close friend despite fighting her own war against this pandemic, is attempting to help Pakistan through this gruesome time. China is aiding Pakistan monetarily and has also sent a team of doctors and medical experts to battle against COVID-19.

As being said by Vice minister of China’s National Health Commission Zeng Yixin, “as required by the Pakistani side, China is preparing a medical team to visit Pakistan and this team of experts will pay field trips to different localities in Pakistan”. This Chinese succour includes 12,000 test kits, 300,000 masks, and 10,000 protective suits.

Pakistani government is also taking steps to fetter this menacing virus. Pakistan government has issued lockdown orders in the country to restrict further spread of coronavirus. All the public places including markets, parks, offices, shops etc. Are supposed to remain closed for unspecified time. Government has also sought help from army to deploy its troops across the country to make sure the proper implementation of lockdown thingy.

Government has made National Action Plan for COVID-19 that is supposed to serve as a policy document for ensuring that all guiding principles for outbreak preparedness, containment, and mitigation are followed. Main objectives include the containment of COVID-19, prioritising financial and other resources for country emergency preparedness, and mobilising increased domestic and international investment in this area.

Opposition approved the national action plan against COVID-19, but PML-N has also demanded the government to include opposition’s input in the national relief package. This stance was decided in the PML-N parliamentary party meeting, conducted through a video link. According to them, the national action plan ought to be constructed and implemented in a way not just to protect people from corona virus but also to save them from economic jeopardy.

The PTI government, on the other hand, accused opposition of not taking the novel coronavirus seriously and doing politics over it. According to PTI party members, government is taking necessary measures gradually, and opposition should put politics aside and stand with government in this calamity.

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    Thanks ALLAH SWT Pakistan has a conscious, honest, sincere PM Imran Khan, who is doing & fighting under the very serious situation of a dangerous calamity.
    Sindh CM Murad Ali is requesting for donations & an eighty eight year old person has given him one million Rupees, hopefully, CM Sindh will also request Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif to donate $ 20 each into his Corona Virus Fund that will In Shaa Allah solve almost all the problems of our poor country; Pakistan,


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