Improving immune system to tackle Coronavirus

Coronavirus started from Chinese city Wuhan. Initially it spread only in Wuhan but spread rapidly all over the country first and then to the world. Due to Coronavirus, economic system everywhere in the world collapsed. The virus easily transfers from human to human. Its major symptom is common cold which most of people get in summers and winters.

Many people died due to Coronavirus. It is better to start taking precautionary measures as soon as possible to keep yourself away from virus. It is quite difficult to identify either you have coronavirus or not. Coronavirus affect primarily those who have weak immune system. Immune system protects the body from virus.

White blood cells, antibodies, and other components, including organs and lymph nodes, make up the body’s immune system. A person who have weak immune system get the infection easily and frequently. One can make one’s immune system strong by some taking some precautions. For instance, they can do so by eating hygienic and by taking exercise daily. Immune system can be protected or make strong by following few tips.

Good Hygiene:

One of the easiest ways for a person with a weak immune system to stay healthy is by practicing good hygiene. To protect yourself from coronavirus; washing hands during the following times is necessary.

• Always wash your hands before preparing meal or any snack
• Wash your hands before eating
• If you had flu and you are sneezing, blowing your nose or coughing wash your hand
• Wash your hands if you met someone who is unwell
• After using or helping your child bathroom wash your hands
• If you had infant and you are changing diaper
• After touching any wild animal or your pet wash your hands
• Wash your hands after garbage disposal

Immune System Boosters:

To make your body strong immune system strong certain foods may help keep your immune system strong. If you are looking for ways to prevent yourself from winter colds, flu and coronavirus.

• Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits help build up your immune system. Vitamin C is thought to increase the production of white blood cells. It is key to fighting against the infection and doesn’t produce or store in your body. You need daily dose in your diet to continued health.

• Red bell peppers

Red bell pepper has twice Vitamin C than citrus fruits. Red bell peppers also a rich source of beta carotene. Vitamin C may help maintain healthy skin.

• Broccoli

Broccoli have high number of vitamins and minerals. Broccoli is packed with Vitamins A, C, and E and having antioxidants and fiber.

• Ginger and Garlic

Garlic and ginger found in almost every cuisine in the world. Garlic add little zing to your food and zing must-have for your health ginger help decrease inflammation, which can help to reduce a sore throat and other inflammatory illnesses.

There are many others food we use in our daily life to build up strong immune system e.g. shellfish, sunflower seeds, poultry, kiwi, papaya, green tea, turmeric, almonds and yogurt.

More ways to prevent the virus:

To keep our body healthy, we need variety in our diet. Every person needs balanced diet or in other words some portion of each food to remain healthy. Eating right is a great start to build up your immune system. Balanced diet filled with balanced minerals, fats, and other edible can help improve immune system. It is also the responsibility of government to make sure that instructions are spread in both English and Urdu languages, and if possible in regional languages too.


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    Improving immune system to tackle Coronavirus

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