Combating Coronavirus through joint actions

At the moment, there are 1,83,128 Coronavirus cases all over the world. Out of these, 7,175 are dead while 79,904 are recovered. 96,949 are currently infected, patients. Out of which 89,885 i.e. 94% are in mild condition. 6,164 i.e. 6% are in a serious or critical situation. 87,079 are the cases that had an outcome.

Out of which 79,904 are recovered or discharged or 7,175 are dead. Coronavirus disease is one of the major burning issues of today. Coronavirus is actually a strain. This strain was discovered in 2019 only in animals but now it has been discovered in humans that is very disastrous. These viruses spread through animals.

The transformation of the virus from animals to human beings has become much lethal, and the whole world is at the brink of destruction as the virus is increasing death rate throughout the world.

Coronavirus the disease has many symptoms that involve cold, cough, mild fever. This leads to some severe diseases like pneumonia, diabetes and other heart diseases. If you want to stay safe from Coronavirus disease you have to follow some preventive measures. You have to wash your hands very often. You should wear a mask. You should avoid close contact with someone showing symptoms of respiratory diseases like coughing etc.

Pakistani government should also give much attention to control the expansion of the virus. The whole world should fight against the virus collectively for the altruistic cause of human beings.

Novel virus known as Coronavirus has created huge panic all over the world. One is unable to believe that there is not vaccine yet developed to tackle the virus. Admitting its failure, the world community stands united today just because of the virus.

The Coronavirus emergency is rapidly changing into one of the pathetic political and societal challenges of the modern era. The American leaders are just trying to understand this Hercules tasks before them. Coronavirus is causing the same situation as were caused by World War II. Everyone is trying to fight against this pandemic condition. The deeply concerned politicians who have awareness about this burning issue are comparing the historic importance of crisis to 1918 influenza calamity, the Great Dispersion and the 9/11 tragedy.

But it is not so clear if the message is reaching to everybody, especially to younger Americans, who play an important role in stopping or controlling the disease which is now spreading like a wildfire before it reaches a point from where it cannot be stopped.

In San Francisco, for example, people used to skate. They were used to ride cycles in spite of having some shelter to keep the people at a place. The experts warn that younger people are more likely to transmit COVID-19 to aged people. Treasury Secretary Steven Munchin is trying to save the economy.  He is predicting what could happen if congress does not act wisely.

The unemployment rate could be increased at a very fast rate. Amidst told that Coronavirus disease will be longer. It is very expensive and it will affect the country’s economy more than the expected rate. In this regard, White House is trying to gain more power to stop the economy from increasing.

The country can be pulled out of a Great Recession by a massive 1 trillion dollar stimulus plan. President Donald Trump is also fighting against this invisible enemy. On Tuesday Trump said that 1500 new cases of corona have been recognized. Out of which 100 died and this virus is proliferating in every US state.

That is the time to set aside the national and regional interests by uniting the world community to combat against the most lethal virus to make the planet livable for all of us. International powers should also help out developing and third world countries to mitigate the effects of the virus to back up their economy. Under the flag of UNO, the whole world should embark on a campaign of collective efforts to combat the bloodiest virus.

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