Sinking Humanity: World at War

We are living at a time when whole world is busy in countering the coronavirus outbreak and every government is trying to save its citizens from the effects caused by spread of this pandemic. Most of the media analysts and economists are trying to calculate the negative economic impacts posed to different countries affected by the spread of COVID-19.

Due to large impact of this pandemic, the global economy is shrinking; imports and exports are falling; same goes for oil prices. Tourism and airlines industries are also facing the worst crisis of this century, resulting in huge financial loss to them.

Other than this new coronavirus, there is another virus getting less importance in international media. A virus which infected the global conscience and as a result of which conscience of global community is sleeping. The more severe challenge as compared to ‘economic shrinking’ is the ‘sinking of humanity’.

The world is plunging into total chaos; things are getting worse day by day. New calamities – human-made and natural – have been wreaking havoc on humanity. Only time will tell to what extent humans will survive.

Recently, Syrian observatory for human rights released its report on completion of a decade of war in Syria. According to this report 1, 60,000 civilians died (among them 22,000 children and 16,000 women) and 11 million Syrian people became refugees during this ten years of war.

Similarly, in Afghanistan thousands of civilians got killed in 18 years of war. Civilian casualties are still happening every day in Yemen, Palestine, Iraq and Myanmar. Economies and infrastructure of these countries got destroyed completely by the wars waged on their territories by international powers for their own petty interests. No one opposed them and stopped them at that time and still there is no one to stop them, as they continue playing their proxy wars with the blood and flesh of poor human beings living in war zones.    

Indian Occupied Kashmir is under lock down from August 5, 2019, after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A of Indian constitution ending the special autonomous state of Kashmir. It’s now eight months being passed and life is still paralyzed in Kashmir. Humanitarian crisis emerged in Kashmir region where 8 million people are in constant state of curfew but whole world is silent and no one is speaking to end the sufferings of Kashmir’s people.

Last month, we have seen the brutal riots in Delhi (Indian Capital) in which almost 41 Muslims (protesting against the discriminatory Citizen Amendment Act) martyred in mob attacks by RSS and BJP Hindu workers. These extremist Hindu’s specifically targeted the Muslim community with the support of government security forces. No one condemned this repression and human rights violations in India, except Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian Supreme Leader AyotUllah Khamenei.

The institutions like United Nations, European Union, UNHCR, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International were established to raise voice against these grave human rights violations in which people of war affected areas face the shortage of food, medicines and lack of shelter. They are forced to live in camps like migrants on their own land. Sadly, all the international actors have closed their eyes and remained quiet on this global human rights crisis. They are only giving statements without taking special measures to put pressure on international community.

Unfortunately, the reason behind the lack of international organizations role in dismantling the war crimes is deliberate ignorance of severe human rights violations by the global community. Because they did not got effected directly by these battles being played on ground of other countries.

That’s the reason they remained silent but now when their economic interests are at risk due to corona pandemic, they are doing everything to protect and save their economic interests. They are now lecturing and preparing whole world to fight collectively with this danger. It’s time to adopt a coordinated and prioritize effort without any selfish desires of power and wealth to save humanity, which is at constant loss and becoming rare with every passing day.

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