Son of Soil: Noman Akram

On March 11, it was a normal morning for all of us; we were busy in our lives when a fighter plane (F-16) of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) during the rehearsal of ‘Pakistan Day’ parade crashed in Islamabad. In the fight jet, pilot Noman Akram (Wing Commander) embraced martyrdom.

Reports say that pilot got a clear indication of crash quite earlier when he was above blue area and could easily eject at that time but he made it possible to take plane to remote area Shakarparian having no population. He gave his own life just to save people on ground.

Similarly in July 2019, a military aircraft on routine training exercise got crashed in Mohra Kalu area located in Rawalpindi. In this incident too, eye witnesses say that crew members of aircraft took the plane in a direction where it crashed in less populated area. They made all efforts to save more lives on ground and did not ejected till the last second and sacrificed their five lives along with 18 civilian casualties due to fire because of huge amount of fuel was in tanks of aircraft.

Noman Akram was among the assets Pakistan owned and which could not have been bought through money. Wing Commander Noman’s martyrdom has left entire nation in shock.

Here a question rise about these mysterious men who don’t even care about their lives. How they are all time prepared to give their life in the line of duty? How they sacrifice their life so easily on us? Don’t they love their families and their loved ones? From which soil these people are made of? Which blood is running in their veins? Are they same Pakistani people? And how their mothers bear the loss of their son’s?

How their fathers bury their young son’s? When they are preparing for their weddings and suddenly they get news of their son’s martyrdom. How their newly married young wives believe that their life partner is no more? How they got such big hearts? Every time I thought about these questions I don’t get an answer.

But here are some other people in our country. A group of some desi liberals, so called human rights activists and self-proclaimed anti-establishment analysts. These people’s only job is to criticize our state institutions by writing tweets on twitter and on other social media and for their self-recognition and to stay relevant in media. The sad thing is that without knowing the circumstances and ground realities these social media activists and anti-establishment journalists start opposing every policy and decisions made by our state institutions.

This new emerged class of civil rights activists is filled with hatred and malice of our army. While talking about the sacrifices made by our army soldiers and officers, they argue that it’s their duty and they got paid for it. They also talk about the rewards and monetary incentives that families of the martyrs get from ‘Shuhdha fund’.

Unfortunately, these people try to measure the lives of martyrs with financial benefits. When you ask them if they can give their life in return of huge amount of money, their answer is in negative So what’s their duty? Just sitting in their luxurious rooms with expensive smartphones in their hands through which they write and post only criticizing material blaming armed forces for every problem of the country.

Despite of this fact that some of the decisions made by our state institutions had some bad implications but we all know that every policy and strategy have some positive and negative aspects so we should focus on positive aspects rather than only highlighting the negative aspects which ultimately helps the agenda of our enemies.

So instead of playing in the hands of enemies and speaking their narrative which only aim to weaken our savior institution we should support our forces in every circumstance. Because the protection of our sovereignty, autonomy and independence is dependent on this institution. In fact, they are the guarantor of our state existence and they efficiently proved it on 27 Feb last year.

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  1. Shahid says

    salute to him. He was the best of the best. Top gun of Pakistan. Whole nation is proud on his shahdat.

    1. Haseeb Akhtar says


  2. abdullah shafay says

    so sad situation. i was gone at his afsos

    1. Haseeb Akhtar says

      Pray for our security forces and support them.

  3. M. N. HUMAYUN SHEIKH says

    “Ay Puttar Hatta’an Tay Nahi Vikday, Toon Lubdhi Phiray Baraaz Kurhay”

    PAK People Salute Our Heroes: Destroyers of Evil Powers, Their International & Local Agents.

    1. Haseeb Akhtar says

      Pray for our security forces and support them

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