Coronavirus outbreak: Are we medically failed?

Till this time coronavirus has spread to 118 countries with more than 125,000 cases reported to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of leading world’s health body said in his briefing on Wednesday. He further went on to say that there has been 13-fold increase in past two weeks of the cases reported outside China.

The whole world is scrambling all resources to contain this pandemic—the United States has suspended travel to Europe, Italy is in lockdown and Saudi Arabia has stopped flights from UAE. Schools and cinemas have been shut in New Delhi while Kerala which has seen the most cases in India, is also in lockdown.

Is it not a shocking revelation that world despite being so much advanced failed to produce remedies for humans’ survival. Have we bowed down before anti-humanity forces? No one knows how many more viruses are in line to wreak havoc on humanity.

Given the panic in our neighbourhood, it seems Pakistan by the Grace of Allah has been left unscathed by the pandemic. The schools are reopening in Karachi on Monday while it was business as usual for people in Lahore. The educational institutions were open and the Lahorities witnessed traffic jams on the days of PSL matches in the city.

The Sindh government has complained of lack of coordination among the federation and provinces over precautions and measures taken to contain any outbreak of coronavirus in the country. CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah has also questioned that Karachi just received 1500 citizens who had travelled to Iran while other parts of the country had about 5000 citizens returning from Iran. However, the cases in other cities have not been on scale of Karachi.

What should one make of this complacency being shown in Pakistan? May be we have gotten naturally immune to the coronavirus as we have to the rising inflation, air pollution and unemployment or it may be effect of coronavirus cures bombarding our whatsapp since last month.

The WHO chief in his briefing emphasized upon preparedness and readiness in countries that have reported no cases yet or where reported cases were still low. An average Pakistan can relate to this that there is no preparation visible in places of mass gatherings. Passengers at airports are simply been let off with a simple if they have last visited China.

The only reports we see are of unavailability of masks and clinics charging exorbitant amounts for corona virus testing. May be coronavirus has failed to infect the Profitistan that we live with on a daily basis.

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