Miserable life of Baloch women

From the very existence of the world to the present days, Baloch girls have not been allowed to do anything except domestic work. When a girl in Balochistan tried to move forward with her purpose and a positive mindset, she was humiliated, blackmailed and declared as a disobedient and ignorant girl.

So far, there has just been a great change for Baloch girls; in the past, the uneducated parents didn’t allow them to get education but now the educated Professors and Vice Chancellor harass them to stay away from education.

In all the developed countries of the world, girls have complete freedom of expression, and they have played an important role in the development of their country. For example, in Finland, the prime minister is a 34-year-old woman “Sanna Marin” and there have been total 79 female cabinet ministers out of which three have served as Prime Minister.

In addition, there are many other countries in the world where women are the heads of their government. As of December 2018, the global participation rate of women in national-level parliaments is 24.1%. If the Baloch girls were natives of Finland, they could have been Prime Minister too, but here, it is beyond the bounds of possibility to become Prime Minister, yet, they have no right to get education.

Just like other parts of Pakistan, women in Balochistan are suffering a lot in the hands of social and cultural evils. Making matters worse, familial norms have denied women even right to gain education.

Sad to say, in 21st century if any Baloch girl proceed to fulfil her dream, she would be sent to jail. In recent days, when female students of Bolan Medical College were protesting for their rights, the police tortured and locked them in jail.

The arrest of peaceful protesting students is a violation of basic human, democratic and constitutional rights and principles, but the purpose here is to keep girls out of education, even if it violates any human rights organization’s law. Namely, those girls who were going to be future doctors, were sent to jail then how would this nation develop?

There was an excruciating conspiracy to keep girls out of education at Balochistan’s oldest university, known as University of Balochistan, where girls come to quench their thirst for knowledge. Sources revealed that this harassment was continued over a longer period of time. Various means were adopted for harassment, among these, most notable were spy cameras that were installed in ladies’ washrooms and other adjacent places.

Regrettably, this vicious move was made by the educated Vice Chancellor of Balochistan University with few professors. After this shameful act, the girls buried their dreams and returned to their villages. And these were the same girls who wore “dupatta” in their home. Just imagine how hard it was for these girls to persuade their parents to go other cities for a brighter future. After such an ignominious act in a major educational institute of Balochistan, how would other parents send their girls to other cities for getting education?

Besides all the problems, the Baloch girls are also being killed in the name of honour. In 2016, about 76 women were harassed, mostly young girls, who lost their lives in the notorious story of honour killings in Balochistan. Most honour killings are allegedly due to illicit relationships, domestic disputes, marriages of choice, and the practice of unacceptable customs.

Misinterpretation of religion has also played a central role in publicizing honour killings. And this issue is being ignored in Balochistan because it is a matter of women. Those who take pride in honour killing, can prove that is there honour in killing?

Instead of harassing girls in universities, uneducated parents have also a motive to keep their girls out of education. According to Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), the literacy rate of Baloch women is only two percent, which is very low, that means nine out of every ten girls in rural Balochistan are out of school. In many backward areas of Balochistan, intelligent girls are deprived of education because of their uneducated parents but they should not annihilate their dreams for their parents.

A famous saying goes like this: if you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a nation. It is unfortunate that their parents don’t know that they can bring the world of flora to them and their nation. Girls never deceive any opponent when they promise either they die or get victory. For instance, Kurdish female fighters are fighting with the most powerful/notorious organization ISIS. As a result they are always succeeded what they want. Then why they become frustrated when their parents deny them to attain education?

Contrary to all these excruciating situations, Baloch girls should stand up for their rights politically and politely, and should be unite to get rid of this enslaved life. Unless, the girls raise their voice against the oppressors, these abuses will continue to increase gradually and they may face worst situation onwards. In particular, parents should stand with their girls in these difficult situations, and it is parents’ responsibility to educate and support them.

Girls have the right to live a free and independent life, they have the right to get education and serve their nation and country. For how long Baloch girls would be harassed, put in jail, killed in the name of honour and taken away from education?

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