Women’s Day: Celebrations for Women

With so much negativity in the media surrounding International Women’s Day and ‘Aurat March’, it is easy to forget that this day is also meant to be a celebration for all women. Let us take a moment to remember and celebrate all the strong women that enrich our lives.

To all the Mothers:

I know that there are times that we tend to take certain relationships in our lives for granted. A mother’s love is truly the most pure. Take a moment and appreciate your mother today for all the hard-work and sacrifices that she made to raise you. It is amazing to think that women have the capacity to not only bring a child into this world, but also to love that child so unconditionally. Thank you, mothers.

To all the working women:

Currently, a lot of light is being shed on working conditions for women in Pakistan and the stigma associated with these women working outside their homes. It is easy to get wrapped up in the negativity and forget to appreciate the progress that women have made in the male dominated workforce of our society. Every day, many strong women wake up at the crack of dawn, complete their household duties, head to a full day’s work, come home to finish more household duties, sleep, and repeat again.

Meanwhile, their male counterparts that do half the work as them are paid more, appreciated more, and criticized less. Nevertheless, we rise again; we keep our heads up and fight the battle. Not to many years ago, the rights that we have now were non-existent. Women did not go to work or get an education. Their only future was marriage and kids. It is always important to remember that even though we have a long way to go in terms of equality in the workforce, we have and are still making progress. For that, you deserve a pat on the back and some appreciation.

To all the Housewives:

We often see feminists judging other females for choosing to be homemakers. The point of feminism is to give women the right to choose the best quality of life for themselves. A housewife is no less of a feminist than a working woman. Whether you made a sacrifice or a choice, thank you for doing what nobody else wanted to do. You are appreciated and the house probably wouldn’t function without you! Everyone is dependent on you, even if they don’t admit it.

To all Divorced and Happy women:

So things didn’t work out? It doesn’t matter. You are a strong, independent woman. Our society tends to stigmatize divorced women. We forget that these women are human too. They deserve happiness. Being divorced and happy is better than being married and miserable. Remember that having one happy parent for your kids is better than having two unhappy ones. Don’t worry; things will work out for the best. Ignore the neighborhood aunties and ignore the negativities. A man does not define your happiness.

To All women:

No matter what your role is in life, you are truly unique. You have the capacity to change society for the better, to pull everyone forward by starting change. Even though there are a lot of women’s issues in our society, we still have a lot to celebrate. Women and men are not the same, but that doesn’t mean that they are not equal. Both have unique qualities that the other does not. They both think in ways that the other cannot. Appreciate your uniqueness, your capacity, your strength, and your sisterhood. Lastly, keep spreading love and positive vibes.

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  1. Tariq ismail says

    It’s not women march its called nefarious march.

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