Let’s be harmless to Hareem

The debate on women empowerment in Pakistan is extensively pursued in a blurred line, as people with contradicting views on the subject bicker in a way that drags the limelight away from what should be deliberated upon and what not.

The case of Hareem Shah, a famous TikToker from Pakistan, is a fine example one can converse about. She took the social media by storm of late with her videos shot at coveted government place(s) and that too with dignitaries or those holding prominent positions. But what was disturbing to note was smear campaign against the TikToker, with online users (still) calling her with vulgar expletives.

Social media is usually looked in a negative sense, this is because people form their opinion so early especially about women. They like men also have right to get the most of the digital environment. Cooperation is better than rivalry between two genders.

The problem arises when we analyze situations and happenings single-dimensionally, especially when it comes to a case of woman. The prevalent mindset mostly portrays women is bad light, and sadly it has become a practice of sorts.

In the case of Hareem Shah, she has captured the sizable online audience and there are people who admirably follow her, indulge in interaction with her and this stuff is public for substantiation.

If a vlogger like Hareem Shah manages to enter a government building or a coveted state office, and comfortably shoot multiple TikTok videos, there must be some inside help that made impossible-looking stunt, possible. What we thoroughly miss is the key to analyze things in a broader perspective.

The personal character of the woman was immediately put in question after her videos went viral, expletives were hurled at her out of frustration driven by allegations known to everyone.

Hareem has garnered over 115,000 active followers on Twitter, likewise her following on Facebook and Instagram is also mammoth which speaks volume of her ‘fan base’ – for any reason. There are numerous comments that appreciate the lady for what she is doing. And there are opposing views as well.

What we utterly need is the mindset to observe things justly and optimistically. The habit of being judgmental is something that limits one’s own cognitive thinking. The case of Hareem Shah will only be analyzed fairly, once we shun myopic approach and avoid falling for societal explanation of morality.

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