Jingoists on the loose during Trump’s visit to India

US President Donald Trump is in India to strengthen relations between two states. Although no major agreement is on chart but his visit to India is of immense significance when it comes to international politics. America considers India a potential power to curtail influence of China in region and has been helping it since its independence.

India currently is being governed by Narendra Modi. The man who holds pure jingoistic values and is Hindu nationalist is in fact has nothing to show to president of world’s powerful state except the heritage which Muslims rulers built. Taj Mahal in Agra and Delhi fort being two of them. These monuments have been a source of earning billions of dollars for India.

Unfortunately people with Islamic faith in India are not being revered, but are being subjugated to worst clampdown. The curfew in Kashmir is evident of the fact that Modi is leading India towards more clash and destruction from which even America is running away, take the instance of Afghanistan where America under Trump is passionately looking for peace through negotiation.

BJP and RSS activists did not spare the day when the US president was visiting India. Clashes at various areas of Delhi and Ahmedabad were observed. Now that BJP is not willing to let minorities live freely, the duty lies on the shoulders of American president.

Will Donald Trump live up to Kashmiri Muslims’ expectations? During his meeting with Imran Khan, he offered to play a mediatory role, which was taken harshly by India. Donald Trump must vow to solve Kashmir issue considering it the main bone of contention in South Asia.

Trump’s visit to India will yield no pressure on Pakistan as Indian bully strategy won’t work this time. He called Pakistan a friendly nation and focused on Pakistan’s role in stabilizing region. Terror-sponsoring mantra being promoted by India is losing its charisma.

Modi should know it is all about diversity, accepting opinions and giving people – especially those living in Kashmir – right to self-determination. Without bowing down to people’s will Modi cannot claim India to be a largest democracy. Further it cannot beat drums of victory and superiority over neighboring states.

Moderate voices in India should already have forced Modi’s government to abandon its extermiet strategies in Kashmir and mull over solving the issue. Sadly, there has not been any improvement. The world is silence over worse communication and food crisis in Kashmir valley by India. Let us wait and see if Trump can use any tactic to bring India to negotiation table and solve long-standing issue between nuclear arch-rival. Right now Indian snobbishness is halting any progress on the issue.

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  1. BlueCollar says

    Modi who was denied entry Visa by the US after riots in Gujarat where he was CM, 2000 Muslims were killed by Hindu extremists. Ironically , Trump called same man ”father of India’ – politics makes strange bedfellows, yesterday’s terrorist , ‘father of India’ today !

    1. Junaid Ali Malik says

      The current wave of extremism that has been started off by Modi will bring strategic impacts on Indian polity and its international image. Let us wait for the dire consequences.

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