Be free, let the world hear you! Nothing Is Impossible

Man has the privilege of being an “Ashraf Al-Makhluqat” (The most honorable creatures). A creature that made all the universe remarkable. Whether it is the deep depths of the sea or the lofty peaks of the lofty mountains, the planets that spread across the universe, or the endless expanses of space, man’s ability to subdue them has been blessed by nature.

If a person is determined to do something, then nothing is impossible for him. But behind all of this is driven by a passion, a passion for doing something, a passion for winning, a willingness to deal with difficulties and the essence of determination.

The human pack of determination and courage to fight the harsh conditions is in the process of uncovering the secrets of the universe. Progress is being made in various directions. New experiences are coming up in the field of technology. They are all remarkable human beings, but there are some in this crowd of human beings who, to this day, are still clinging to their destiny. They have embraced a raft of jealousies and failures.

Instead of blaming fate, try to overcome the drawbacks that hinder success. We easily blame our surroundings including our parents and government for our failure forgetting that throughout our lives we get multiple opportunities to uplift from the wretched state and achieve impossible.

These people, driven by action and enthusiasm, have been at the same point for a long time. Their paths are blocked and they do not dare to overcome the obstacles to their success.

What is the reason why these human beings, like everyone else, fail? Allah made them just like everyone else, gave them the same physical structure, gave them the same atmosphere, blessed with the same reasons. What is the reason, then, that they are powerfully complaining of their failures? What is the downfall that, despite all this, is lagging in the race for growth?

Certainly passion! The same passion that set sail on a raw vessel, the courage that drove the idea of extracting a canal from the mountain, the passion that forced Alexander to ride a horse in the atrocities, a passion that gave strength to flight, and the determine that crossed the boundaries of the earth and brought man to the moon. These failed people are accustomed to these emotions. Unaware of the fact, the weepers of fate endow power instead of removing their flaws. These people need to be exposed to the truth.

They must understand that they have their own hands behind their failures and frustrations, and if they wish, they can leave the path of inefficiency and go on a journey of success. And they don’t have to do much to just ignite the passion they are missing. You have to shake your feeling. You have to come out of this state of practice. They have to convince themselves that they too are like any other human being and not inferior to anyone. You have to overcome your inner feelings and have the courage to face difficulties. Then the path to success will open up to them.

Make yourself believe that you are counted in Ashraf Al-Makhluqat, for which nothing is impossible. Create a competitive spirit within you. Compare and compete with other human beings like yourself. Instead of blaming your fate, try to overcome the drawbacks that hinder success.

Remember, there are difficulties, but nothing is impossible. Everything is possible in the world, the process requires meticulous determination and perseverance. Instead of being scared of the smallest failures, try to overcome them. Then there is no reason that success can keep you away. Once dared, the paths will open themselves up. The destination you see today is difficult to achieve, but it is possible with your efforts. Begin the process, your count will also be among the most successful humans in the world.

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    This is a very encouraging piece of writing that will inspire many hopeless people.

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