Trump pressure on Kim bringing results?

North Korea’s quest for nuclear arsenals is a major factor about which US has concerns in the Korean peninsula. The recent moves from the side of North Korea are giving clear message that Koreans are giving up on their next major move. North Korea’s leader was photographed on a white stallion giving a message of peace. North Korea’s leader had called Trump a dotard after he again refers to Kim Jong Un as ‘rocket man’. Top North Korea’s diplomats are demanding US action on nuclear weapon by the end of this year and the Kim Jong Un also said, “It is entirely up to the US; what Christmas gift it will select to get.”

Most of the countries are trying to handle the situation diplomatically and the world leaders’ are struggling to pressurize North Korea against its nuclear pursuits. US efforts to compel North Korea have failed and this issue has taken the top rank position on the US foreign policy agenda as Trump administration halted threats of any military action.

US coercive policies will not work on North Korea who is hell bent to go nuclear unless world leading power come to her with easy terms. Kim Jong Un is not willing to bow down and fight till North Korea achieves nuclear capability. This stiffness in Korean stance seems to stumbling as financial crisis severes in striving nation.

The recent seizure of the North Korean’s cargo ship by US occured after North Korea launched short range ballistic missiles tests. The missiles landed in the Sea of Japan. It is the first time North Korea’s ship is being seized against violating the US sanctions to give up its nuclear weapons; Trump has changed his terms. By the short range nuclear tests, North Korea is giving a message to the Trump to ease sanctions.

Trump has rejected Kim’s offer to dismantle one of its nuclear resource in return of uplifting sanction on North Korea and wants the full dismantlement of its entire nuclear program. The last round of talks was collapsed in February 2019 after US sanctions.  North Korea has said that the recent seizure of the ship by US has violated the spirit of 2018’s summit agreement between Kim and Trump. By these provocations Kim opens the possibility to get nuclear and long range tests once again.

Since last year North Korea is launching lot of missiles as they all were tests but meant to send a message that North Korea is armed and might be dangerous. North Korea has launched ICBMS (Inter-continental ballistic missiles system) capable of reaching Alaska. It shows North Korea is continuously improving its arsenal technology as it is so dead set on building ICBMS.

Kim is of the view that only option for security is to have proven nuclear capabilities. South Korea and Japan won’t attack North Korea as they don’t have that much technological advancement in nuclear arsenals as North Korea do have. US has promised to protect South Korea and Japan with the largest nuclear arsenals in the world to put the North Korea at disadvantage.

Given the history North Korea has no other option to protect itself by continually improving its nuclear capabilities as we have seen in case of Iraq, Libya and Syria .To protect themselves from western destabilization; developing nukes is the only solution to hidden agendas of US foreign policy as US wants to take control of entire peninsula by helping the south. By taking the entire control of the Korean peninsula; US will be able to get access to Russian and Chinese border. No one is favoring North Korea’s regime over developing ICBMS but it is necessary to protect itself from the foreign invasion.

The current phase of U.S. diplomatic negotiations with North Korea can be of major consequences for the longer term of the Korean Peninsula. It may result in the end of this long heroic tale, or despite leads to another round to muddle through with no final resolution in a view. The Trump administration has outlined negotiations with North Korea in evident binary terms which may results in North Korea’s denuclearization or  may lead to confrontation between the Trump’s and Kim’s ideological antagonism which may force North Korea to relinquish up its nuclear arsenals.

The US and  North Korea are once again in a dead lock at diplomatic standoff over denuclearization and therefore the normalization of U.S.-North Korean relations; that may  suddenly halt the  promising headway that North and South Korea have created on building peace and security on the Korean Peninsula.

 In Hanoi Summit, it seemed that Trump has adopted a phased approach towards denuclearization of North Korea with limited steps and mutual concessions from either side. This stance may argue that North Korea has adopted its  nuclear arsenal program primarily for dominating the region instead of deterrence, and seeks to decouple the US from its alliance with Seoul and to ultimately suppress South Korea. International community has discouraged North Korea’s post-Cold War rhetoric about South Korea’s unification with the north as there are vast economic disparities between North and South Korea.

In fact Kim’s rhetoric driven by deep ideological commitment to confederacy under its terms emphasizing “final victory” exhibits North Korea’s intention to unify the Peninsula under its aegis. On the other hand; the development of nuclear armed missiles would be proven capability to deter US intervention and to coerce or defeat a conventionally-armed South Korea.

In a nutshell it is important to know that North Korea wants US to uplift sanctions first; before dismantling additional nuclear facilities as Kim has said that if US will unilaterally enforce something upon us; North Korea has to find a new headway to protect their country and to establish peace across the Korean peninsula.

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