Methods of Execution in Different Countries

National Assembly has recently adopted a non-binding resolution speaking for public hanging of convicted of sexual abuse and murder of children. This move has attracted different voices on execution of public hanging. Some are demanding implementation of public hanging at any cost. Whereas few voices are labeling it inhuman and against the dignity of human rights. Here we are going to highlight different method of execution practiced around the globe. Beside hanging, lethal injection, firing squad, beheading and electrocution are also considered different tools of executions in different countries.


It is the most common and debated method of capital punishment. According to report of Amnesty International (2012), Saudi Arabia, Somalia, North Korea and Iran are those countries who still practice public hanging. In 2013, 369 people were executed by hanging. Likewise, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Nigeria also carried out hangings in 2013.

In spite of the criticism by international organizations and groups, the public prosecution does not appear to be fading anytime soon in the countries above, but in its place, it seems to be taking a rising trend. The persistent increase in the number of fatalities related with the implementation and use of Islamic laws by these nations. Though, this act of sentence has been broadly condemned by most nations as being a desecration of basic human rights.

Lethal Injection

It is also a technique of capital punishment. It is mostly carried out in the United States. Many people consider lethal injection the most civilized kind of execution. Though, as a result of controversy related with supplying states with the lethal drugs in united states, pharmaceutical corporations have barred the sale of their drugs for execution via lethal injections.   In 2013, China and Vietnam also used lethal injection for execution.

In, 2008, Supreme Court of the Nebraska affirmed execution by electrocution unlawful for being ” unusual and cruel punishment.”

Firing Squad

In Indonesia, firing squad is carried out as a method of execution. Convicted is shot in the chest by the twelve armed executioners. If convicted survives in shooting, he is shot a final bullet in his head on the order of commander of executioners. Alongside Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, China, Somalia, Yemen, Taiwan and North Korea also carry out firing squad.


Beheading is also used as method of execution. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world who practice it. The beheadings are publicly performed with a sword.


Together with lethal injection, Electrocution was once the most commonly used method of execution in the United States. In this method of execution, convicted is fastened to an electric chair and high voltage electrical currents is applied to electric chair. It lasts about three minutes.

Gas Chamber

Execution through gas chamber was also used in many countries. It was also considered a humane form of execution. Inside a sealed gas chamber, the convicted is fastened to a chair and chamber is filled with lethal hydrogen cyanide gas. Nazi Germany killed many people through large-scale gas chambers during the Holocaust. But now gas chamber method is not in practice.

Nevertheless, the end result of death is the alike in all methods of executions, yet lethal injection is often viewed as the least painful method of capital punishment.

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