Rampant Drug Abuse among Pakistani Youths

On 6 January, Prime Minister Imran Khan launched ‘Zindagi’ app – a mobile application and a book for awareness under Anti-Narcotics Force Initiative which is a good addition. Though the app provides preliminary information. In 2018, National Assembly received two bills mandating drug tests for schools and college students control and their prevention in Islamabad albeit drug tests for all students may offend them because the suspected mark of humiliation is irreversible but psychologists and motivational speakers help can be sought for it.

Furthermore, The European Monitoring Centre For Drugs and Drug Addiction and UNESCO have indicated invasiveness and ethical considerations regarding student privacy when discussing the effectiveness of drug testing in schools. Drug abuse is not only a disease but a problem at the global horizon too. Youth is badly affecting by it approximately all over the world. The person which undergoes the drug abuse not only harms himself but his family, friends and also leave dilapidated effects for the whole community and society at large.

Culture of drug abuse has gained deep roots within Pakistani society. Youths are indulged in various sort of futile activities including narcotics consumption. This is rendering them impotent to perform daily activities. They instead of being assets have become liabilities.

Moreover, the irrational use of drugs affects the whole body system including brain, and different systems within it. The youth in Pakistan is affected in the worst way from this menace. The real issue regarding drug abuse is the rampant youth associated with it and it is becoming a matter of serious concern. The group of people in the age between 25 to 39 are seriously affecting by it according to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) survey of 2013. The educational institutions student are the real target for drug traffickers and causing to become it a threat of unmeasurable magnitude.

Drug abuse literally paralyses the physical, mental and psychological abilities of youngsters and it causes them to lose their interest in their studies, at all. Most of the drug addicts begin with common things like smoking, pan and then move to the real drugs like Cocaine, Heroin etc. The access to different drug traffickers and dealers is now easy for youngsters because most of them are just far at a phone call. This scenario has developed over the years owing to the political and some other powerful forces which support this dirty business of drugs and its supply.

In America, drug addiction is wide spread and about twenty million people have used illegal drugs during their life time and same is the situation that is faced throughout Central to North America. Additionally, 1.47 percent habitants are affected by it in America. Whereas Pakistan is also badly impacted by the curse of drug abuse. Actually, about fifty tons of opium is transported in Pakistan each year to generate heroine. According to a survey of 2012-13, four million of 6.7m drug users across the country required drug treatment services.

Each year United Nations International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is observed on June 26 to raise awareness of the gigantic problems that illicit drugs cause to the society. The illegal purchase and use of alcohol and associated drugs are also one of the major factor to generate the culture of illegal activities like different types of quarrels and vandalism. Different law enforcing agencies especially Police is also found involved in such shameful activities which provide the criminals a suitable environment to carry out their illegal jobs easily.

The availability of illegal drugs is also a reason that is damaging the good image of the state. Drug dealers are easily approachable. Flaws in our criminal justice system are providing opportunities for drug dealers and their rackets to escape from justice system, indeed. Youngsters using drugs can be identified with the symptoms like deep body emancipation, nervous disturbance, long home absences, loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing, more money demands, seclusion, laziness, constipation, pale face, long sleeping habits, apathy, tremors in fingers and disinterest in studies and work.

Moreover, the other common observations include; slurred speech, unprovoked anger, red eyes, circles under the eyes, negligence of personal hygiene and marks and traces of abuse on the body with extreme effects of physical itchiness, coma and even death.

Human brain is badly affected by the drug abuse because it controls the whole bodily functions. The impairment of brain damages the ability of decision making, confidence, ability to learn and memory also. In this way, the control of our body is finished and drugs take over the control and movements of whole body completely. To control the menace of drug abuse, some exemplary measures are important to take for the better future of our upcoming generations. Measures must encompass the educational and social sectors both.

Firstly, the control over tobacco and the products made by it is very compulsory. Heavy taxes must be put on those products to restrict their use as far as possible. Smoking must be banned strictly in public places and awareness must be carried out for it at all levels. If anyone violates the rules and law, he must be heavily fined and penalized for sure to set the pragmatic examples to show.

In the case of youth, academic pressures and unnecessary expectations must be lower so that depression in youth can be avoided which is one of the leading cause of drug abuse, addiction and even death. Community planning can also be helpful to prohibit the abuse and addiction to drugs with long term objectives for the more impactful evaluative measures and for the timely efficiency of the planning programme. Rehab centers must be established.

Lastly, the anti-Narcotics Force must ensure the complete control and check and balance mechanisms to bar all the illegal drugs and their use at any level to save humanity from this self-death. However, ANF’s Model Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre has 45 beds and a waiting list of 800 people, but is not currently equipped to deal with minors. Research is also needed into the types of rehabilitation centres and treatment services. There is massive confusion in our law between moral and criminal offences. Degrading attitudes towards the victims of drug abuse must be demoralised.

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