Pakistan and India, a tale of two countries

To create a perspective among the indigenes of the nation there must be the cultural understanding and it plays effectively to build the nation’s soft power. It is so effective that nations now prioritize cultural empowerment than a coercive power. In our particular case we tried to find peace between the nations on the basis of our distinctive valid cultures and prolonged it by some circumstantial means.

To prevail the culture, there must be some primary things to which one should heed respect the natives of that place may have some common things i.e. Religion, Language and other social values. Hindu and Muslims lived along each other for many centuries. They shared culture with each other. Invaders were Muslims and controlled most of the area of Sub continent through carrot and stick policy and the natives of subcontinent (Hindus) accepted this reality.

Both countries from very beginning to now have been fighting ignoring the fact that their real enemy is poverty. Even in the current time, extremist ideologies like Hindutva are barring both states from entering in new phase of development and prosperity by merging resources and creating synergy.

The first major breakthrough occurs in the reign of Muslim empire when Mahmud of Ghazni attacked the today’s Punjab faction and destroyed most of the wealth system and temples of natives in the year 1000 AD. A century later another Muslim worrier Sultan Mohammad came and reaffirm their control over the empire. Iltutmish, Khiljis, Balbans and Tughluks were ruled out by the Turkish Mughals under Babar rule in 1526.

The initial rulers of Mughals empire focused on polytheism, abrogation of caste system. As the result of these societal changes, masses of peoples had adopted ritualism and converted to Islam because Islam gave the code of life for the oppressed people of Hinduism. This phenomenon is right up to the context of North India, but in south with the exception of twenty five years of Khiljis Reign, these areas were controlled by Hindu rulers. Human nature is pretty much bent towards a new thing.

Subcontinent was the place of firstly Hindu than Muslims came, and the society got diversified into Hindus and Muslims. Than the British came under the concealment of business and the people of sub-continent got fascinated by their innovations. The British had been trading in Subcontinent since long but major breakthrough occurs in the fight of Plassey when the British gain major land after that India had started to operate under the control of East India Company because they were the most influential colonial power at that time, The final revolt against the foreign oppression took place in 1857 but the Indians could not get victory due to personal skirmishes between Hindus and Muslims.

After that the nominal Govt of Bahadur Shah Zafar ended, and the India went into the direct control of the British. In this era the British played a divide and rule policy, they exploit one Community to please other, but Hindus were in majority, so they prefer them in most of the cases. These decisions increased the rift between the people of two communities. When World War 2 broke out, India has contributed hugely to the Britain’s interest.

Indian independence movement was at peak and the locals of India were chanting the ‘Quit India’ slogans. Ultimately India divided into two parts the north, predominantly Muslim became Pakistan and South in which Hindus were in majority become India. Series of matters went unresolved between the two newly born states i.e. distribution of assets, alignment of Kashmir etc.

The seed which were sown in the colonial era have their roots in both the countries till now and the gap between the Governments are widening day by day. The Government which is now in power in India has drastically changed the minds of peoples due to their extreme Hindutva policy.

The incidents of beating a person by a mob, assault on minorities house, halting the voice of minorities are common these days and building an environment of warmongering is the part and parcel of the previously mentioned ideology. It’s evident for both the nation that If they want to improve their lives, they must compete with each other in health, technology and sports. If both countries want to elevate this region they must work on things which are in common instead of focusing on the odds.

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