Beware Pakistan – It is extremely dangerous!

Friday morning American attack on Baghdad Airport killing top Iranian general and Head of Quds Forces Qasem Soleimani flamed further the burning Middle East. Trump blamed Soleimani was involved in militant activities causing directly or indirectly death of million of people. He was plotting imminent and sinister attacks on American diplomats. He was also accused of boosting Hezbollah in Lebanon.“It was a strike to stop the war not to start one” said Trump.

The reaction of Iranian supreme Commander Ayatollah Ali Khamenei intimidated US government in these words “Severe revenge awaits the criminals” He also declared three days national mourning. This incident marks the major escalation in tension between Washington and Tehran.

The core of this debate is that Pakistan should take each and every step with extreme caution. We must not jump into the war of others. We have a grim past experience to teach the consequences in case of any partiality on either side. USA should never be relied and allowed to use our land for its malicious aims.

Iranian Exterior Minister announced that military action will be responded with military action. The Damocles’ sword of third world war seems obvious now. The relation between America and Iran were not already normal but now Trump intensified it more by his sudden and rash decision. He sent 3000 additional troops as precaution in Middle East.

What threatens Pakistan is the repetition of story of 9/11 which is a nightmare for all Pakistanis. On one side we are under the grip of unstable economy and on other side two of our borders are under tension. American Iranian clash can mount oil prices undermining our economy. But economy would be secondary issue if US sought any military or territorial support from Pakistan against Iran as it occurred in Afghan War.

Same is the limping government and same is geo-political scenario. American flexibility toward Pakistan after this incident may be the initiative of the future high demands as we remained strategic partners in the past. Pakistan cannot afford any other proxy war. The sacrifice of seventy thousand Pakistanis along with billions of loss is enough to prove our loyalty towards America. We cannot further rely on America as it had rewarded in the near past.

Pakistan always remains a soft target of Washington and during this cold war era between America and China, Pakistan is on the hit list of America. CPEC has added fuel to fire. America tried its level best to annihilate this project. Pakistan renewed relations with Russia are also not digestible for the latter. Combined military exercise with Russia shacked the American think tanks. Now in case of any escalation against Iran will definitely effect Pakistan. It is beyond all doubts that Trump will repeat the same blunder again as its predecessors did in case of Iraq and Afghanistan.

A strong reaction by the people of Iran and Iraq at the death of Soleimani should open the eyes of America. If not so, be ready for third war but Pakistan must be highly conscious of this sensitive situation. Trump consistent intervention in Middle East crises was also criticized by a large number of neutral Americans. Above all, it is a mean precedent set by USA to strike into another territorial jurisdiction to target a national of another state. It is also the open violence of International Law.

Nevertheless the threats and intimidation by Iranian government, it is gem clear that Iran is not in a position to wage a war against America. Its interior condition is not supporting it for any further conflict. Its economy is taking its last breath. There is a strong silent resistance by common Iranian not to take any military aggression. They are animated only with the policy of deterrents. Furthermore, how can Iran attack America directly? In both cases Iran takes initiative or America further disturbs the Apple cart, Pakistan will suffer the loss. Any rapacious activity near Pakistani border by Iran can destabilize the inner situation of Pakistan. We are already creating a balance of relations with both Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The core of this debate is that Pakistan should take each and every step with extreme caution. We must not jump into the war of others. We have a grim past experience to teach the consequences in case of any partiality on either side. USA should never be relied and allowed to use our land for its malicious aims. Its recent decision of restarting military relation with Pakistan should not be taken casually. It may be the first episode of coming another drama of balance of power. We have a better alternative in the form of China which has surpassed America in all fields particularly in digital nuclear technology. We have paid a heavy price of “Do More” and any further “Do More” would be catastrophic for Pakistan.

In case of mediator to defuse the situation, our role is always underestimated. We can play our solid role but the puppet show has come to an end after new world order. The axis of power are going to be shifted from Atlantic to Pacific coasts. We cannot watch those scenes of suicide bombing anymore killing innocent Pakistanis on both sides. We are not in a position for the rehearsal of Waziristan and Swat operation. Beware Pakistan for the future scenario as we have no more people to sacrifice for others cause. This time it would not be a war against terrorism rather it would be conflict of instigating terrorism. No drone now. Our shoulders have no strength to lift dead bodies of our near and dear ones any more.

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  1. Saad Masood says

    Mr. Mushtaq Kharal, this is all in media, and with due respect, Who are you to share an abrupt statement of making Pakistan state Cautious? Imran Khan Govt and ISPR already know what they are doing and what Not to, so please do some real work in media rather just sharing your own thoughts and emotions.

  2. Mushtaq kharal says

    Mr.Saad Masood sb with due respect public also defended Musharaf policies in the same way but what happened next we all suffered.

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