Low parental involvement in student’s educational achievements

Education is a significant social institution. Parents perform a climacteric role in the improvement of child education. But the peril is that in pastoral areas there very poor parental involvement in childhood education. Primary school children are not self-reliant. They often depend on their parents, siblings, adult members of their family and teachers. Students of the primary grade frequently need patronage to perform several activities, tasks, and homework assigned by the teacher. Former American politician and educator Jan D Hull said:
“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents”.
When parents pander in their school activities, then student’s positive behavior towards study boosted.

Parent’s involvement fiddles a crucial function in the educational prosperity of students. Due to parental involvement students can achieve their success. It is also a very important ingredient to improve student’s low achievement. Parental involvement in children’s education is conspicuous fundamental for educational reform. Different barriers that attribute to low parental involvement which turn to reduce student attainment. These barriers influence the development of parental involvement.

Communication gap between school and parents

Some time teachers belong to the city and not familiar with the vernacular of the village. In the city, people generally speak Urdu. So, in the school teachers also speak in Urdu. When parents visit the school and interact with the teacher, the way of communication of teachers is not absorb-able for the illiterate parents. There is a massive communication gap between teachers and parents in the school of rural areas. The teachers of the view that when they persuasion the parents for discussing the problems of children. They rummage to come due to the busy daily routine. Teachers are very cooperative with the parents but parents have no time to visit the school. Some bourgeois people feel snub to talk with the teacher.

Total dependency on school administration

It is a very important hurdle in parent’s school involvement that dependency of parents regarding their children study on the school administration and the teachers. Parents of the students are mostly illiterate in the rural area. They depend on the teachers and school administration regarding the study. They thought that to ensure the attendance of their children in school is only their responsibility. Most of the parents only send their children to the school and consider it the involvement in the study.

Busy daily routine

Most of the children see ignore by their parents due to their busy routine of work. In the rural area, people are working in the field and work as labour. In the morning they go to the field and come back in the night. After that, they are getting tired due to pandering in routine work. Parents are worried about to fulfill household expenditures so they do different work and earn money for their children.

No cooperation of teachers towards parents

Few people complained about the teachers that they are recalcitrant. Some people have the matter of no cooperation toward the teacher. People say that teachers should give extra time to children and organize a remedial class for the student. Along with that teacher organize the meeting on weekly bases.

Family circumstances

Family circumstances are a conspicuous barrier in the involvement of parents. The family system leverages student study. Most of the houses have an extended family system. One couple lives in a room with their children and has large members of the family. To focus on the children’s study sees very difficult in crowded families. Children have a lack of attention toward the study. When they see other cousins playing at the time they want to play with them and at the end of the day they unable to complete their homework.

Parent’s low education

Educated parents are very conscious of their children’s study. They well known about the magnitude of education so give time to study their children and vigorously participate in it. in rural areas parents have low education. Most of them are illiterate or primary pass and few passed secondary levels. Low education in parents enhance to less involvement in the children’s study.

Lack of confidence in parents

Education gives confidence to an individual. When people are not educated they inadequate to convey their opinion confidentially. The same predicament base in the rural areas that most of the parents have low education. They do not confidently raise the problem of their children’s education. They perceive reluctance to visit school and shun the study of their children.

Low learning environment

A low learning environment is a barrier in the parents’ involvement in the children’s academic accomplishment. Most of the parents are illiterate consequently they do not heed on the children’s study. They only send their children to school but not engage in school activities at home. Children’s performance in school is not satisfactory due to meager involvement and a low learning environment.

Economic circumstances

Economic circumstances are felony barrier that impacts on the involvement of children study. It frequently discern the spur of oblivion of parents in the educational activities of their children. In villages, especially rural areas people live an impoverished life. Generally masculine connects with the profession of the agriculturist and working as labor. Many villagers have no handsome money to fulfill their basic expenditure of the household. They can’t afford the expense of children’s education along with that they not focus on the children’s education due to illiteracy. Several children go for tuition but they have no money to pay tuition fees to tuition teachers.

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