Pebbles, Martin & Higher Education Department

Throwing pebbles on our borrowed watery reflections used to be our native hobby. But the game is changed, we are throwing pebbles with soggy tears in our eyes but where! Deities flipped over the page of evolution to turn professions into holy beings. In Pakistan, there are still certain professions who may not be honored by the elite mindset as much but verse of worship is still prevailing in the society. To teach is an acclaimed oracular profession. In recent times, there are several stories questioning the supremacy of this very profession.

However, as we know that being the society we are not interested in those affairs which are intentionally not taught to us in provided syllabus of opinion leaders. It is quite evident that education industry pillars are reluctant to give space for breathing to public while here is constantly a whistling noise following us by terrifying about next generations fate without meeting the scale of the tutelage trade. Shepherds of history are now eating their herd.Watch dog, equity lord and aristocrat are parasites of this polluted system. Every attempt on their side is nothing but an artificial shower of unblossomed truth. We have been mourning the suicide of young Galileo at Government MAO College, Lahore.

On the other hand, Higher education Department, Punjab characters are playing their historical role. They have been respected by state stars as sky stars are unable to pay tribute. Many of them having their own “galaxies” now. There was a time when stars used to kneel before Socrates disciples but now it has become necessary that one should bow before higher star to be a part of the orbit. One can easily see that how higher authorities have facilitated ex-vice chancellor of Lahore College Women University, Lahore (LCW,Lahore) to go and sit on the seat of Women university Multan as Vice Chancellor again. Where is fair play organ of the state?

Are we running on the whims of privileged class? Socrates! I question with equation of knowing nothing. Dr.Uzma has become the part of syndicate of LCW, Lahore. New vice Chancellor, Dr.Bushra Mirza couldn’t dare to argue but she is forced to protect the Uzma Batool Additional Registrar (on additional charge for almost 6 years) and Abdul Ghuffar Treasurer University.

Galileo! Were you right, when you turned silence to present your postulate in front of cloak mob? State sheepdogs are always with sheepherders. So, no need to panic. Wolves need stars. Human Oral History always makes its own tone and path. Collect the pebbles and turn into the flock of Martins……….!

Higher education Department, Punjab (HED) please narrate any rule or law, under which Uzma Batool has been enjoying the additional charge perks and privileges for last 6 years. Playing in the laps will turn the lap of this land barren. There are many things to investigate about the behavior and motives of the HED and LCW officials. As per our information no one can keep the additional charge more than six months but Uzma Batool and Blue eyed characters. Now, attempt has been made to recruit her as registrar of the University even in presence of more qualified and suitable candidates.15 to 20 PhD have fallen in the list of short listed candidates.

Selection Board comprised of Vice Chancellor LCW Dr.Bushra Mirza, Ex-Vice Chancellor University of Agriculture, Faisalabad and renowned scientist Dr. Rana Iqrar, Ms.Samina Amin Nasir, KPK Fame Retd. IG Nasir Durrani, Higher education department representative Additional Secretary (Academics) “Ex-Professor” Tariq Hameed Bhatti, Brother of Fortunate Pseudo intellectual cum Journalist Arif Hammed Bhatti, with deputy registrars of university first time in the history of institute.

Read the above mentioned names again, no one can believe that self-acclaimed champions of merit are butchering the merit and justice. Please tear the syllabus that has been taught to us. Help us to live in the era of savages as trained and tamed beasts are more brutal for the mind and soul. Mr. Rabnawaz, Mohammad Zeeshan Saleem, Ahmed Islam and Commander Naeem, Sorry! That we all are spectators. You can beg justice from “meteor” descendants. However, we even can’t live at lower tier of humanity without uttering a single word against such horny wolves.

Uzama Batool is pre-selected candidate for the Registrar-ship. Other two members of the shortlisted panel (Tanzeela Qamar,Tasneem Akhtar) will be “penalized”. Bear footed teacher! Where are you? Government College University, Lahore is also on the other side of conjugating tube. Galileo! Were you right, when you turned silence to present your postulate in front of cloak mob? State sheepdogs are always with sheepherders. So, no need to panic. Wolves need stars. Human Oral History always makes its own tone and path. Collect the pebbles and turn into the flock of Martins……….!

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  1. Dr. Sarmad says

    Best column ever i read.

  2. Tauseef Hanif says

    Excellent. As usual, helping us understand what we are as individuals and as nation.

  3. Muzamal says

    A great man always great thinking

  4. Muzamal says

    A great man always great thinking

  5. Muhammad Kamran Naeem says

    The Author has exposed this corrupt system where selection is based on ineligibility but not on eligibility. Pre-selection is the main criteria of so called “Selection”.

    1. Muzamal says

      absoultely right

  6. Salman Rana says

    very well said! keep it up.

  7. Iqra says

    Bhtt khooob

  8. Rizwan says

    A bitter truth of our society.
    That is just an example of one institute, there are many more.
    Unfortunately, napotism, favouritism and TC culture are ruining our institutes.

    Collect the pebbles and turn into the flock of Martins……

  9. Hasan Junaid Arshad says

    A comprehensive take

  10. Khurram says

    Itna such likha k hakoomti adaro ko b samaj ni a raha k kahan se chor pakarna shuru karain

    1. Muzamal says

      bhai ap say ak request ha .kbi ap b apny dil ka dard zamanay ko byan kry na …………..ap may ak dard nak hero chupa ha

  11. muzamal says

    best column of my life

  12. Muzamal says

    A great director or leader knows his people, creates a great team, and then makes a great movie that can influence millions more than the readers of his column.

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