Imran Khan – The ray of Hope

Hope, aspiration, desire, wish, expectations, ambitions or dream one can name it whatever they want. But the people of my generation have all of it together for one person i.e. no other than Mr. Imran Khan.

He started this movement for justice when I was in college, no one has any doubts that there are few people in this world with some charisma in their personalities. The youth of my age were his die heart fans even since he was not a world cup winner. After winning the Cricket world cup, he stole those hearts also who were his critics as a player. I still remember each and every word of his world cup speech which was all about his dream for Shoukat Khanum Cancer Hospital.

He is ray of hope for kids who loves their mothers, for players who know the game, for philanthropist of the world who are involved in charity and last but not least those cancer patients who are being treated at his hospitals. I worked with Cancer Hospital in the US, I am involved in oncology research and I know how expensive this treatment is even for the developed world.

He passed the Era of his struggle of one generation about 19 years so kids of his Fans became his default fans. He won the hearts of people. He is right when he said after his win in elections “My fans grown up in age and became my voters”.

“Besides challenges, one can find real hero in Imran Khan who is determined and resolute to get Pakistan out of vicious circle. Factually speaking, the hope that Imran Khan enlivened among youths is fading away. A certain segment of youth is disappointed but the other wants to give more and more time to Imran Khan, at least to let him complete his tenure.”

I spend a decade overseas I don’t see a single person in ten years who is not his admirer but I do see some critics. I don’t disagree with some of them who are more practical than sentimental or emotional. I also criticize some of his policies but it does not mean that I am no more his supporter. I and many others like me, we don’t have any doubts about his “intentions” but yes on some decisions. I am a firm believer of Allah and as Khan repeats it so many times “Allah ne app k haath mai niyat or koshish rakhi hai kamyabi woh daita hai”.

He did his speech in the US at Capital one Arena and made all Pakistanis feel proud of being Pakistanis. I see those people who hide their nationalities before were holding Pakistan flags. It’s in genes and blood that where ever we live we get some kind of affiliation with that land, but your birthplace and origin of nationality has stayed there within you.

With the current political situation in the country the hope of my generation is getting faded away, we will keep it rising, will never let it to be on ventilators. We all pray for success of our hope, dream, desire, wish or expectation that we will be remain be proud Pakistanis till death.

Long-live Pakistan!

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