Nature’s whine

Humankind has been the foremost beneficiary of nature and her riches. Yet, throughout the ages, we have rendered irreversible damages to the environment that brought us up. ‘Nature’s Whine’ is a depiction of the miseries that we, as a race, have inflicted upon our planet.

Why you treat me with disrespect?

Wasn’t it I

On whose bosom

You and your generations thrived?


Sunlight comforted you in the winters,

And trees were your retreat in the summers


Rivers ran to the end of their extent,

And breathed my life into your barren lands


From those lands grew fruits that nourished you,

And kept you going,

I was no less than a mother,

Little did I know,

What monsters had I raised


Before your toxins killed me

They blinded me with smog

Rained down acid all over me

Stripped my birds of their songs


Why this disloyalty

Why this cruelty


Were you not fit to return my favors

You could have left me as I was

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  1. Ihtesham says

    This is a great reminder. More power to your words. I can feel it and it pains me how ruthlessly we are ruining nature, speeding extinction and altering the flow of ecosystems.

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