Nadra and Senior Citizens, a worst experience

Strangeness of advertency and observance of people living in Turbat on Nadra (National Database and Registration Authority) is to me in extreme state of sorry. The city homes several background populace who are culturally, educationally, morally and ethically strong enough. Moreover, Kech is considered the second largest city of Balochistan where dreams of several outcomers meet prayers to come into reality. The city, structurally, speaks less than being chanted by others exposing itself in extreme poor state when it comes to officialism.

Senior Citizens and Nadra

The state of structure of Nadra at Turbat is in a sorry state. I practically observed the Nadra where the lines made for making and receiving official documents are in state of remorse. In July, Turbat is seemed a burning land due to high temperature, people visiting Nadra are made sit in a hall where one fan runs blowing wind. In the occasion of my visit at Nadra, I met a guy named Jalal: who is student of second year at Atta Shad Degree College, sitting in extreme hot and holding a file with full of documents. I had a short conversation with him. During the talk he stated “it’s my fourth day I’m here for a domicile correction. I’m every day asked to go and come next day, it’s late today. I leave my classes at collage and meet an approach here but all in vein.”

Similarly, not only students, but there is long list of senior citizens who come from several areas of Kech distancing a long way. Their emergent moves to Nadra remain sketchy and questionable arrival where officials working at Nadra are less supportive to the majority visiting there.

Nadra and I

Since 5 August, i met a prompt move from Hub to Kech (Turbat) in order to make my CNIC as it was demanded by the policies of Karachi University. After arriving at Kech, i without wasting a second hastened to Nadra. It’s painful to mention the vary city which is chanted as ‘Small Paris’ is destitute of an excellent maintenance of professionals when it comes to state-run circles. I was kept patient till my token number which was unpleasantly 4050, where 4001 was in progress. After waiting for three hours constantly in extreme hot, i was called to submit my documents for CNIC making. After submitting my all records i was asked to leave. After three days of my records submission, i received a message from Nadra stated “Your records against tracking id ×××××××××××× has been rejected”. However, it keeps no one in state of doubt that Nadra doesn’t seem to regret the inconvenience faced by the citizens and applicants. However, to hold a CNIC was a sine qua non of University of Karachi to pledge me a right set of circumstances to seek admission as i had already run out of the deadlines of many Universities.

Favoritism at Nadra

The ethical behavior of officials at Nadra is far beyond one’s imagination how a documented and national servant enfeebles a stability of equivalence and sameness. A person with talkative behavior survives easier and quicker at Nadra than the one who is solemn. I, after requesting many times, was given a token of a gone one written my name on by head of them. However, i before the signed token by head introduced myself a far citizen, was shouted in response to sit back at my chair. But, later, showing the signed token to of the counters, i was asked to sit in front of the camera where a long line was pending to have numbers. At the place where tokens are given, several people pay extra money: bribe, to make their tokens earlier.

The decayed maintainability of Nadra at Turbat has fallen into partial ruin especially through misuse, incompetent and inapt officials. Kech connects several its areas where each area seems quite rich in majority. To add it in other words,  everyone who is domiciled in Kech is required to visit the only Nadra for any further domicile corrections. Lots of senior citizens run out of time to submit their problems to Nadra. To create a peaceful chant of change, government needs to implement its observance at Nadra in order to reform its abysmal state. What if it needs to hire or fire someone.

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