A step forward towards mental health care in Pakistan

Today, mental health care is increasingly becoming an issue of concern not only in developed states of world but also in third world countries like Pakistan. The ratio of mental illness in Pakistan has increased overtime due to economic issues like unemployment, inflation, political dilemmas and security threats like terrorism or disruptive society.

The main factor that continued to hinder mental health care till the recent times was the stigma that mental illness like depression is a natural feeling and those who detect it as a disease face hard times in terms of social acceptance as people seems to be unwilling to socialize with that person. In the areas of education, it is becoming evident that scope of behavioral sciences has increased in recent years as the number of universities offering degree in sub-branches of subject matter has increased at both private and public level over a period of time.

Optimistically, it can be noticed that this ice of stigma is breaking as the society is now giving a priority to this neglected area. There are various nongovernmental organizations working to promote well being of such patients. One of them is fountain house network which not only provide treatment to patients but also rehabilitation services to make them socially acceptable.

Mind organization and Mental Health Innovation Network are other nongovernmental organizations related to mental health care awareness. WHO and Ministry of National Health have signed the 2-year (JPRM) document. The goal of this initiative is to ensure collaboration with national policies over mental illness to promote mental health care.

All these efforts engaging various actors aim at establishing a coherent society with effective mental health in order to protect the potential capacity of our future generations. But all of this requires efforts on the part of governments to curb the stressors to promote a healthy and productive life.

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