USA: Not an overnight superpower

America is ruling the world since the downfall of the Soviet Union in 1991, when Russia left Afghanistan after facing huge defeat by Afghan militant groups. Russian was divided into several parts and 15 new countries emerged on the surface of the globe.

Indeed, America played a big role behind defeat of Soviet Union in Afghanistan. It was also an end of cold war between America and Russian.

Since 1991, America became superpower, and ruling the world. But the question is how American become superpower and which things can lead any country to become a superpower in world.If we analyze the American structure and see that on which pillars the whole USA is stands. We can see, to become a superpower country, you must have world’s biggest economy, world’s powerful army, latest technology, strong culture, strong diplomacy, and must have the power to influence the country through dialogue and appeal rather than military options.

If we do a deep analysis of USA’s economy we can see that in trade sector USA has second world’s largest company name “JP Morgan Chase & Co”. In agriculture sector the American “Cargill” is world’s number one company.

If we talk about the retailers the USA’s “Wal-Mart Stores” is the largest retailer in the world. If we talk about the Health Care Services Sector the American “United Health Group” is the largest group in world. If we see towards the world’s largest transport company that is also American called “CSX Transportation”.In Mining Sector America has world’s second largest company named “Newmont Mining” it is also a second largest company in gold producing in the world.

If we talk about the Financial Sector World’s top two largest financial services companies are also belonged to USA, which called “Goldman Sachs” on number one and “JP Morgan” is on second number. If we talk about the Construction Sector the USA has the 7th largest company of the world which known as “Bechtel”.

If we talk about the International Trade Companies so “Aeropost International Services” is world largest multinational trade company and it is also owned by USA. If we talked about the steel manufacturing the USA has not any main position as China competed the USA.

USA’s owned “Marlboro” company is the largest tobacco producing company in the world. The USA also owns world largest Health Insurance Company which known as “United Health Group”. If we talk about the Pharma Sector the USA owns “Pfizer Inc” the world largest pharmaceutical company producing medicines for whole world.

If we talk about the shoe manufacturing the “Nike” and “Adidas” are two world’s largest companies which owned by Americans and have business across the globe. If we talk about the fast food chains the “McDonald’s” is the world’s largest company and “KFC” is second while“Subway” is on third position and all are American companies.

If we talk about the weapons industry the USA is the country which has the world’s largest weapon production company known as “Lockheed Martin Corporation”. We can also see the NASA, the world’s biggest agency for space program. Further, we can see the “Pepsi” and “Coke Cola”the world’s largest beverages production companies are also belonged to USA. If we talk about the internet we have some big name like Google, Microsoft, YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, these all are on top and belonged to USA. Same like this if we talk about technology sector, The “Apple” and “Samsung” are two main brand andWorld’s largest companies and both are also American. If we talk about e-commerce the USA’s company “Amazon” is the world’s largest company with biggest clientele. Even in sports, the USA won the 121 medals including 46 gold medals in Olympics 2016.

We analyzed and see that USA is leading everywhere and reasons are in front of us, which made USA as a superpower in the world.If any country want to compete America and want to become the next superpower that has to compete the USA in every filed not only in war, it has to compete in each sector.

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