JUI-F’s azadi march, awami march or mere a political stunt?

Pakistan is on the verge of another political crossroads. At a time when Indian shelling across LOC is reaching to a new high and Afghanistan is heading towards US forces withdrawal, Pakistan is suffering from worse political mismanagement once again. JUI-F under Maulana Fazlur Rehman is all set to stage demonstration in Islamabad. Maulana lost election from his home constituency and was furious over his inability to reach parliament. He lost his seat to Ali Amin Gandapur of PTI.

This really was a major setback to his political career. He indeed lost media hype which he used to have before 2018 general elections. Now that he is out of parliament and his arch-political rival is in power, he is eying on giving tough time to PTI’s govt in a bid to gain attention once again. At this point in time, he indeed has more to gain than to lose.

More importantly, he has support of opposition parties which have been on the corridors of power but lack committed force of workers as does Maulana. His vote bank is religiously charged and is willing to go many steps ahead on the call of their leader.

PML -N’s and PPP’s crucial figures including Nawaz and Zardari are in jail, and their workers do not seem to be willing to confront with ruling elite. These parties know very well that at this time their workers are not charged. This is why they are now relying on Maulana’s religious street power and find it more suitable than jumping on street by themselves.

Maulana and his political aides are committed to send government home and for this they are even willing to use religious card which is considered last resort to dump political and non-political opponents. Interestingly, PML-N and PPP which have even been victim to this card are now ready to use it once again to pressurize PTI government to go home.

It testifies the fact that political parties have not learnt anything from the past.

Declaring PTI’s government “kaafir” or “totally rigged” or “selected” would be utterly unjustified. PTI does enjoy masses’ support and it was on peak during 2018 General Elections. Party’s graph is going down because of the fact that PTI miserably failed to provide relief to common man. Inflation is already destroying the poor and middle segments of the society.

Another reason for party’s popularity going down is taking too many U-Turns. Youths, who never bother to read political stories or watch any political show, got out of home, took part in rallies and cast Imran Khan vote with a HOPE. What they get in result? Hafeez Sheikh instead of Asad Umer, IMF instead of self-sufficiency, inflation instead of stability – if not reduction – in prices of products of daily usage, the list goes on.

Amid the political hue and cry, the middle and poor segment of society is suffering a lot. Their miseries are overlooked. JUI-F’s march has nothing to do with masses but with some vested political aims. Masses are losing interest in political affairs and are getting disappointed with passage of every day. It is indeed high time political parties realize the sanctity of the situation and show maturity over issues related to masses who have been duped since inception of Pakistan.

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