Status and Class Consciousness: A boon or bane?

Nowadays people are more status-conscious than ever before especially in developing nations like Pakistan. They are impressed with western lifestyle. In our country, people want to adopt western lifestyle. They think that by adopting western style, they would be ranked first class and it would be easy for them to achieve high status in society. It is the biggest misconception of our country’s people. According to one psychological research, residents of metropolitan cities like Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, people are more class conscious and relate their status with different brands. Their social circle contains people who belong to same class and did not even consider the people below their class.

The worst thing is that this issue keeps getting worse with the passage of time. However, you know what? There are some advantages or positive impacts of social consciousness. I know this seems irrelevant, but people are more brand conscious which means they are more aware of brands and always prefer international or national brands when they go out for shopping to buy clothes, groceries, and other accessories. Indirectly people benefit the economy by only preferring brands. This positive impact provides more opportunities for international brands to further invest in Pakistan. But I have to say one thing that we must focus on National brands. If we buy things of our own country then FDI would enhance in Pakistan. It will increase job opportunities. Another advantage is that by buying national brands, economy of Pakistan will rise. Due to which you get better lifestyle than the western countries.

According to research, 70 percent of the Pakistani elite relate their standards with brands and evaluate others on the basis of their spending ability. Class conscious people develop inferior complexity issue in other people which later affect their mental health ability and people try to compensate their complexity issues by craving more for brands. Even people put themselves under severe debts in trying to copy other elite’s standards. So international brands and their style also creates health problems in our country.

The culture of fast food in our country is due to class conscious and in order to adopt western style. But we forget that fast food concept is in those countries in which both male and female work together that is why they prefer fast food due to shortage of time. But here we eat fast food just for enjoyment and make our class high. Unfortunately, due to these steps countries not make development. So if we want to make develop our country then we do not force educated female to sit home freely. Men and women works together for the development of country and achieve high status and help in increasing the economy of country.

If we want to adopt the western style then we also need to know that the western have no culture of having servants in home. They do their own work. But in our country, this phenomenon is creating issue of child labour. People hire children for doing work in their houses and by doing this they think that they have high class. This problem can be cured if government imparts education to children to save them from falling victim to child labour.

Status-conscious may positively impact the economy but it has more ills than goods as it promotes elitism. It can positively affect the society if elite segment by adopting it also considers the poor segment. Their financial as well as non-financial situation must improve. Now it is on us to decide how we want to perceive status and brand consciousness. Making it boon or bane is our own choice.

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