Political revenge at its peak: dharna, sit-in and what not?

Politics in Pakistan is full of revenge. Not talking about any one specifically as every political party has in some point in history has been involved in it. It is a reality, a bitter one indeed. History speaks for itself. Whichever political party comes in power in Pakistan, the only thing done by it has been to take political revenge.

Current situation of Pakistan is in front of everyone. From the time PTI came in power, only thing it is busy in doing is fulfilling its political reprisal. Seemingly, situation of country doesn’t matter to them. However, it’s not only PTI who is doing this, every ruling party in Pakistan has done it before in their freehold.

Political history of Pakistan is full of sit-in culture and long marches. We have witnessed this almost in every government. Two of such sit-ins were those of Tehreek-e-Labaik and PTI. Both of them changed the political landscape of country and enforced the phenomenon that sit-ins have some ultimate value and can attain set political objectives.

At present, Maulana Fazlur Rehman is giving a call for a sit-in that too in Islamabad. Current ruling party, PTI is now against them. They are trying their level best to stop Maulana from sitting in. Prime Minister Imran Khan must recall the time when he headed towards Islamabad against Nawaz Sharif and nobody halted his party’s way. Even media gave him full coverage.

Political revenge is a cruel thing which is destroying the roots of Pakistan. Behavior of Imran Khan with his opposition is the worst we can imagine. Current test reports of Ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif are clearly showing that he isn’t in a good health. He needs proper attention, while on the other hand, government is being so brutal with him that not even a single member is there at hospital to look after him. That’s the cruelest thing we can imagine.

It’s not a brave thing what Imran Khan is doing right now. Locking up all the opposition in the jails and then ruling the country is just like living alone at home.

Imran Khan must think about whole Pakistan, it’s not only about him or his political party i.e., Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf. It’s about 22 crore Pakistani’s who elected him as the Prime Minister of their country. They elected him not for taking revenge from Nawaz Sharif, nor they wanted him to take AC from Nawaz Sharif’s cell.

All they want is peace and the basic facilities for living a good life. Till now, they aren’t satisfied with whatever imran khan and his ministers are doing. They are worried about the financial situation of the country.

Our very own Prime Minister Imran Khan needs to be worried about the fact that now he is losing whatever he gained in the previous elections. It is turning point in his political career where he can gain complete public favor or lose everything he gained in his 22 years of political career.

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  1. Atif says

    There is a “HUGE” difference between Molana and Imran Khan. Imran Khan is the voice of nation, who spoke in UNO like a lion and Molana being a chairman of Kashmir comittee for decades is playing in the hands of India at the moment. Very biased article by the writer.

  2. Shaykh says

    Very well written with facts. IKN and his party PTI are all about revenge,accountability and nothing else. The government ministers including the PM are all inexperienced,incompetent and full of themselves as if they are all the most pious of pious and clean and everyone else is bad and corrupt. I am not a supporter of JUI or of its protest march and sit-in but just like IKN and PTI were given the right and free passage by PML to protest and lay siege of our capital then everyone else also should be according to the right given by the countries Constitution.

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