Artificial Intelligence – The Era of Conscious Machines

Everyone knows about the word ‘science’ today but people are often not familiar with the breakthroughs that are in accordance with this area of education and learning. Most of us have a spark of becoming scientists with an embarking journey on developing the ways to bring an ease to the social issues. With that thrust of learning and inventing newer ways of easing life, we come across several scientific disciplines that have not only brought an efficient way of controlling the problems but to solve them using latest equipment.Although,not everyone may have them but with the help of experts, they can be easy to utilize.

The things that we mostly see around us have undergone mechanization to reduce the human effort that helps us to save more time and to complete the required tasks within the stipulated time-frame. Artificial intelligence is one area of science that has emerged with the surety of bringing more and more ease to the human life.

The word ‘Artificial Intelligence’ has been coined by the amalgamation of two words with an overall meaning to create a kind of intelligence that is capable of mimicking the natural one by using artificial means. The word ‘artificial’ used here reflects the change that be brought upon by using the modern machinery like robots or the computers.

The science of artificial intelligence dates back to the mid of 19th century when the first ever work on artificial intelligence was acknowledged and proceeded at the Dartmouth College of the US in 1956. The students there were successful in inventing a computer programmed being that was capable of solving mathematical problems and able to speak as well as the humans do. The public and the other scientific authorities regarded the work as the ‘astonishing work’.

Since then, several efforts have been in use to improve this area with the aid of funding from the British Government as well as the other parts of the world who showed an interest in the AI research. The US military is heavily funding this department to achieve their goals.

Purpose of AI

The aim of this field of science, that is machine learning, is to utilize the perceiving abilities of a human brain and to present such an artificial system of human cognitive abilities that can even outclass and outplay the human brains. The success for such purpose became evident in the year 1997 when the chess-playing computer machine named Deep Blue outplayed the world’s best chess player defeating him in all matches and winning the chess championship.

The chess-computer Deep Blue, built with the enhanced abilities to capture the human intellect in front of that computer and to sort out the ways to counter the upcoming thoughts of the confronting human was a greatest achievement. Deep Blue had upgraded algorithms and data mining systems with various chips that became the best chess player of the year 1997.

The Deep Blue clearly defined the main breakthrough of this AI in the world of today. How the machines function, mimics the natural whereabouts of the human neurons. Such machines understand the situation and to overcome the problems or react in a manner following the environment and the nature of the happening. They are being made to have some but not all the mentioned abilities to solve problems, make logical reasoning, help in data representation, data mining, understanding the behavior of humans, knowing what a normal brain can understand and perceive, learning new words and things from the surroundings, managing, overcoming the language barriers, and planning of how to carry out the daily tasks. However, these have remained the yet-to-be-achieved tasks but many signs of progress are on the way, and we may see many in the coming days.

Portrayal in the Movies

The AI research has attracted many young researchers to work on the machines to make them like actual humans, at the same time; this research has also attracted many producer and directors to highlight this scientific breakthrough in the form of movies, serials and many other staged programs. To date, there have been several Hollywood movies, which highlight future innovations. The movies related to AI have been much common and popular among the public, though they may not consider it the actual happening, but the truth is that, it is and it will be in the coming days.

Here, I am going to discuss some Hollywood movies that have portrayed in them the science of AI. One of the most common and popular movie series is of the Terminator. This movie shows the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the role of a robot/machine that can read, speak, learn and interact as well as to engage and counter the problematic situations to fulfill the task given to it, which was of saving the life of Mr. John Connor. The machine sent back to the past from the future to complete a programmed task, which clearly shows that in future the research will make outstanding breakthroughs where the machines would become capable enough to start living like actual humans to comply with the programmed tasks.

The movie iRobot also made its mark as the greatest hits of all time. The lead cast of the movie involved the role of a greatest actor Will Smith who lives in the world where robots live with humans as their personal maids/servants in order to carry out their in-built task of completing the work their owners asked them to do. Meanwhile, a Robot gains self-consciousness and starts to work what it thinks might be good to it that leads to the series of disorders in the society lead by the killing of people. The movie was a complete exhibition of advancements in the area of Artificial Intelligence where a machine becomes capable of thinking and acting like humans with the self-controlled consciousness.

Another movie was Robocop released about a year ago, in which a cop who has been killed by the terrorists is made to come to life by using the AI approach. Robocop carries an artificial network of neurons that mimics the actual human brain. The Robocop movie was a biggest blockbuster of the past year that was the clear representation of the AI research and its impact shortly.

Recently, another Hollywood blockbuster named AXL has taken over the interest of the young generation in which there has been shown the role of a mechanized military dog that was created using AI research to mimic the abilities of an actual military dog which is capable of performing the directed tasks.

Similarly, there are many other movies like that to discuss which carry an important message about the AI research and its benefits for the humans when it comes to social security as well as national security matters like Source Code, The Re-animator, and Transformers etc.

Some Important uses of AI

  • Biomedical Sciences

The AI has brought several breakthroughs in the field of biomedical and healthcare sciences. It is now possible to work with the automatic and computer operated robots to assist doctors in disease diagnosis and to assist surgeons in performing the tasks of stitching together the torn tissues and muscles. The company named Microsoft in the US is working to create a machine called Hanover that would have the ability to memorize and learn all the published information on cancer and would then help the patients in accurate dosages required for cancer treatment.

  • Driver-less Vehicles

The renowned companies like Google, Apple and Tesla that have been involved in making such vehicles that are derisiveness have made progress in the recent years. Such vehicles without drivers would be able to change lanes, follow traffic rules and could sense the nearby vehicles and to pull the brakes at the accurate time before collision. Such cars have been under creation since the year 2016. It is obvious that such driver-less do not possess any kind of steering wheel or any kind of brake or clutch control. The AI has enabled the companies to build the engines with the computer-controlled chips and motion sensors that help such cars to head their way with the same feeling as the driver is driving the car with a controlled speed and safety.

  • Surveillance Devices

It has now become possible to recognize the faces of criminals with the use of simple devices that look like the normal sunglasses. In China, such glasses are being used for the data mining of the general people by the police to know the criminal links of such people which makes it easy for the police control the drug trafficking and terrorism activities in the country. Such facial recognition devices have not been restricted only to China but they have been in use by several modernized countries.

  • Military Use

The area of nanotechnology and use of computer controlled pneumonic chips have enabled the military to manipulate the mental abilities of the soldiers to such an extent that the major countries like UK, US, China and Russia are now in pursuit of creating an army having such chips fit in the brains of soldiers. Such soldiers would be able to have the extraordinary abilities of speed, strength, stamina, power, accuracy, and quick decision-making power as compared to normal commandos or guerrilla fighters.


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