Insecure Islamabad, waiting for a messiah

Few months ago I happened to visit a funeral of an uncle who passed away from a deadly cardiac arrest. Sadly, he left four teenage boys behind him and a running business which was in good condition. The good thing about the time is that it is the biggest healer and passed by any ways specially now a days when everyone is worried in this highly competitive and uncertain phase of life just to earn food and shelter. So it made me forget about the incident very soon.

Last night while having coffee with some friends I got to know that uncle’s family is facing severe financial crisis due to death of head of the family and powerful relatives got hold on business and assets which has made boys rebellious who are now totally detract from their studies and lacking direction. My mind quickly jumped to an incidents which happened in last few weeks which includes back to back armed robberies, mobile and bag snatching which includes total of 9 robberies in 15 days and its almost everywhere on social networks.

Users are tagging posts to the concerned persons including DC Islamabad to be heard. Some even are taking a step ahead and warning others to be safe and remain cautious.

While I was thinking of it my eyes was locked on garbage that was placed on the sides of footpath because of workers strikes because their salaries were not paid by the CDA contractor. Mind settled down with the most popular phrase now a day in Pakistan “government is new, give it some time “. And the very next moment gossips were going around about three people who died of dengue in twin cities and 138 new cases reported in twin cities my eyes catch a fountain who was not operational at that time but ha d water in it.

While all this my mind was asking me why can’t we do a peaceful protest against the chaotic situation of the capital city as security is one the basic fundamental and government or administration are answerable and responsible. The very next moment I got freight end not because somebody took me on gun point but the images of Salah ud Din came in to my mind. He was a disabled person who was caught because of stealing cards at an ATM. Instantly my mind started whispering is Islamabad becoming like those teenager’s house whose head of the family is not there anymore?

Is this system is becoming like relatives of boys who took everything from them? Can we become brave enough like Salah ud Din to ask administration, “Who taught you to torture people?” The nation supported this government with high hopes like every youngster but sadly I feel like the administration is lacking direction. The law and order is becoming worst or as they say in Urdu it feels like there is no “wali waris” of metropolis anymore.

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  1. AHmed says

    i am very much shocked to read this as i considered islamabad to a safe place or safest place in pakistan to live

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