Human activities causing earth to die

In the modern world everyone is informed of his rights and struggling to get them. Man has established so many organizations to get his basic rights. The irony is man do not even know what is his foremost right and what should he do to get it. His foremost right to have a secured place on earth.

Modern and intellectual man knows his right for living but what will he do with these rights without having a life. Man should fight and play his role in securing his planet. Because this is the only planet that can accommodate life. No Earth means no life and no life means no human rights.

Death of planet Earth: Climate change is driving earth to its end as the temperature of Earth is drastically rising. The weather pattern is interrupting and air is becoming more and more polluted .Everything is going against the law of nature which is the intimation of great catastrophe.

Causes of Climate Change: The Earth revolves around the sun to get heat and light energy in a fixed orbit . Narrow changes in the orbit causes the melting and forming of glaciers (due to coming and going of sunlight). But these changes are not enough to cause abrupt climate change. Green house gases are the main reason behind climate change. The surplus amount of carbon dioxide in environment acts as green house gas which absorbs more heat from the sun and elevates temperature. Excess of carbon dioxide emits as a result of burning of fossil fuels such as coal , oils used for transportation, industrialization, agriculture and deforestation. Methane is also a green house gas which is emitted in the atmosphere due cultivation, decaying of waste materials etc.

With the escalation of average temperature, the water in the water reservoirs evaporate to form water vapors. These water vapors escort excess rain and become source of climate change. Nitrous oxide is also a green house gas which is produced by the excess use of fertilizers, ignition of fossil fuels and biomass. Chlorofluorocarbons released from refrigerators , air conditioners are responsible for the destruction of ozone layer which leads to the excess of sunlight reaching the Earth.

Role of human activities in climate change: According to Intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC), human activities are the major cause of Climate change. Plants are the environmental buffers and assets of a nation . They make environment pollution free by absorbing CO2. Unfortunately man is so cruel , that after vanishing forests for housing he don’t bother to plant a tree in his magnificent house.

Every single person owns his own car as it is the symbol of modernism. The fossil fuel burns in the vehicles’ engines is the source of emission of green house gases. The fossil fuels burns in the industries plays major role in increasing temperature of the Earth.

Plastic industries emit green house gases in the production of non-biodegradable plastic. In the year 2019, release of green house gases from plastic is equivalent to the release from 200 coal power plants.

Outcomes of Climate Change: The Earth’s temperature has intensified 2 degrees from the previous temperature in a current century and this level is expected to increase further from 2.5 to 10 degrees. Earth is the only planet which has temperature to nurture life. The unusual rise in temperature will affect the food production and water supply and health of living organisms. Soil water evaporates due to extreme temperature bringing droughts. Storms, hurricanes are some other outcomes of climate change.

The ice in the form of glaciers ,polar ice caps etc covers cover 10 percent of land. The glaciers melts every year to provide living organisms with water. The ice on the glaciers reflects sunlight back but when the ice melts, black surface appears which absorbs sunlight causing global warming .Industries contribute in climate change by releasing its effluents and gases in the atmosphere.

Solutions: Man should use bio-fuel or fuel efficient vehicles or prefer public transportation and make walking or cycling a culture. CO2 efficient roads should be constructed. Manufacturing and use of plastic should be strictly banned. Trees are the lungs of environment. The trees are the shelter for animals, maintaining ecosystem and food chain. One should invest in growing trees as this is the most systematic solution to such a massive problem .
According to a report 25 -30 % food produced wastes. Instead of wasting food it should be compost, that can be used as an alternative to fertilizer . Man should switch meat with vegetables to cut out green house gases emission from environment.

Man should try to put some simplicity in his extravagant life. There is no need to turn on ten air conditioners and twenty bulbs in a room, when one or two can do this job soundly and installation of solar panels should be encouraged.

Realizing the rights and acquiring them and fighting for them is a good thing. All these rights are important for living better life but the right of saving a planet is above of all the. The life exists as long as this planet exists. So in order to protect all human rights we have to save the planet first. It is the responsibility of every person living on the planet to take bold steps to protect the planet. We have to wake up to the fierce extremity of the now. Climate change is great threat to economy, health and life.

” If we fail to protect Earth , we fail to protect human rights”

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