How PM Imran’s UNGA address is worthy to mark history? – A Review


There is a famous quote, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way” and when it comes to the political history of Pakistan, we can see only one representative of Islamic Republic of Pakistan after Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who has been striving hard to strengthen the position of our country on the world map while marking some extraordinary historic moments at the right platforms and on the right time, that is Prime Minister Imran Khan.

In the wake of present critical situation in the Indian Occupied Kashmir following the oppression led curfew, which has been imposed for more than 50 days subsequent to which h innocent Kashmiris including men, women and children have been losing life on daily basis. There was a dire need of voicing out this issue on a global platform to make the leaders of the world join Pakistan on one page for resolving the Kashmir issue that has been in the headlines for more than 70 years.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to attend United Nations General Assembly session was one of the most important as well as best workable decisions of the time to convey as well as propose the resolution of Kashmir Issue on global level following the hypercritical situation in IOK as a result of the oppressive curfew declared for more than 50 days in Kashmir, as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been acting and reacting as extremist for the innocent locals of the region while ignoring the peace-making strategy offered by Pakistan to sit for a dialogue to minimize the differences between both countries, after Prime Minister Imran Khan held the office.

So, on 27th of September, PM Imran Khan left everyone totally amazed with a wonderful speech in UNGA Session in which he discussed 4 major issues to be addressed immediately on global level including Kashmir Issue, Climate Change, Money Laundering and Islamophobia.

Starting off briefly and comprehensively with the climate change issue, he highlighted how the negligence in terms of improving the standards of protecting the nature around us to cope up with the change in climate can make human beings suffer all over the world in the years coming ahead and how lack of plantation of trees can prove to be deadly in future subsequent to rapidly increasing global warming. He also presented the solution and requested the representatives of UN member countries to step forward and play their role significantly to deal with the climate change issue.

Moreover, while addressing to the unfavorable economic conditions inside Pakistan and in the other countries of the world, he demanded a quick and responsible action in terms of eradication of money laundering by amending the laws accordingly favoring to foil corruption which takes place when the money from poor countries goes to the richer countries subsequently destabilizing economy internationally.

Furthermore, he talked about the matter, which has never been addressed by any of the Pakistan’s political representatives on such an important and major international platform i.e. United Nations, and that was Islamophobia, the concept of which gained hype after 9/11 and caused trouble for the Muslims in US as well as all over the world according to which they were being considered terrorists. This Islamophobia made Muslims turn moderate not only in terms of their religious views but also in their dressing which they changed into Western one to avoid any sort of trouble challenging their existence in any country due to their religion.

PM Imran Khan explained to the Non-Muslim leaders at United Nations that Islam is not associated to any sort of radicalism following which they have been linking the religion to terrorism. He clarified that terrorism is not at all associated to any particular religion, it is the extremism with underlying specific personal interests of certain groups of desperate people belonging to any religion or nation.

He also added that Muslims have special religious sentiments for the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W.W which are being targeted by publishing blasphemous content and it makes the Muslims around the world to react, not out of extremism but of the in-depth passionate love for the Holy Prophet who always preached the message of peace and humanity and ensured the deliverance of rights to everyone who belongs to Islam or any other religious background, while creating a socio-economic balance in the society for which the history of Madina is the best example.

While logically formulating the case, Prime Minister Imran Khan then raised the issue of Indian Occupied Kashmir where the innocent people have been living through atrocities for more than 70 years and as of talking for now, the time when India revoked Article 370 while violating UN Charter according to which Indian Occupied Kashmir was given special status, innocent Kashmiris have been dying of oppressive curfew imposed for more than 50 days. PM Imran Khan headlined that basically the purpose for him to attend this important meeting is mainly to unveil the cruel face of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is actually lifetime member of RSS and he has been turning the situation worse with his belief on racial differences, seemingly wants to butcher all of the innocent Kashmiris.

He presented Kashmir’s case rationally by highlighting that this issue is not about any race, religion or region but of humanity. He stated that when no one can even bear animals being brutally treated then how we can stay silent over the routinely brutal killings of human beings in the Occupied Kashmir?

He said that “It is arrogance that has blinded Modi. Has he thought about what will happen after the curfew in Kashmir would be lifted? What will he do? Does he think the people of Kashmir will quietly accept the status quo? What is going to happen will be a blood bath. The people will come out.”

Apart from that he also stated that it is the time for the world to take action before it gets too late and it is the test for United Nations as well in terms of how it deals with the violation of UN Charter for Indian Occupied Kashmir. PM Imran Khan also raised the suspicion of any terrorist activity by India to take place in the near future same as that of Pulwama Attack, taking benefit of which India can again target Pakistan by accusing it for the activity, so before it happens, strict and timely action should be taken for lifting the deadly curfew in Kashmir.

This speech was not merely a collection of words settled like beads in the thread but a well-researched logical stance to be presented on such a major platform, though it should have been done long time back by the previous premieres of Pakistan but unfortunately no one did it the way Khan did.

So, for the people who are still finding faults with the speech merely out of the political rivalry, they should know it better that none of the Prime Ministers of Pakistan, who served during the last decade, dared to speak up this way. Moreover, it is the very first time everyone is satisfied with the strength of the case presented in United Nations against the ongoing oppression in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The ones who have been criticizing in a way that they think PM Imran Khan can only deliver a good speech but practically can do nothing, they should keep their mind up to the facts that the Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah educated people and made them think optimistically towards the perspective of prosperity of Pakistan by delivering influential speeches which we quote even today whenever the purpose is to create awareness and motivate people to work for the betterment of country.

PM Imran Khan’s speech was historic because it covered major problems, delivered the message in an influential manner, making it easy to understand for the leaders of the world as well as for the people of the nation who even didn’t know about what is UNGA. It made every single Pakistani feel proud and once again people found hope of a “Better Pakistan” which was promised by PM before elections. We should admit the fact without any specific political associations that there is something different this time. We are gaining the value which we lost over the years internationally and most importantly we are being listened for the first time all over the world. We wish luck to PM Khan and proud to be a Pakistani under his leadership. I know, time is socially and economically hard for all of us as we have been living through so many of challenging situations but patience will lead to something better in future if we add up our own efforts as well for the prosperity of the country. Stay positive…!


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