Seeking knowledge just for the sake of ‘Degrees’

Education is a right of every person. Learning has no age at all; it is a passion to get fill your fountain with pure knowledge but currently, people try to get an education just to get a degree. Unfortunately they do not apply the knowledge learnt in their personal lives.

As technology takes over in all fields of life in the world unfortunately, in our country people get education through 72-year-old syllabus which is not even worthy of using. If we have to run a horse in the race, we are supposed to train it first and then we expect it to bring out the desired results. Now that we have put the horse of our nation in the race and that too without training, we are bound to fail. As a nation, we are heading towards failure.

Yearly, every single field program passes out thousands of people with a degree all over the nation, but what about the skill which other countries provide to their people but we don’t, because we do not have such proficient experts who teach our students?

We are called third world country due to lack of technology. People are going to explore mars and other planets and here we are, busy in mocking at them when they get fail in their mission. My question is why? Why we as a nation enjoy making fun of others? At least they try to accomplish something. Have we ever put a look at ourselves that what we have become as a nation? Have we ever thought to compete with a developed country? The answer is a big “NO” because we are captivated in the cave of mocking where we feel relaxed to mock at others.

In our education system, a student does ratification to increase memory capacity or just to pass their exams and get good grades. Even a good student is only presented by his good grades in our country rather than talent. Our education system lacks practical work due to which we have to pay extra for attending workshops and by doing courses for skills.

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